In gray days of winter, it will be nice to add some colors to your wardrobe. So that you can appear prettier with different colors every day. Usually, winter outfit deals with a dark color or neutral color, this winter you are pleased to try other hues to upgrade your style. Check out these famous people outfits for working in winter further!

Outfits for going to work usually looked formal. However, it doesn’t mean that you cannot appear as sexy as you wish. Combine your sexy clothes like V-neck shirt, tight pants, skirt, and others. There are various ways to look pretty at the office. Scroll down and take one of these inspiring outfits to look sexy and pretty at work below!

Floral printed outfit is always become trend and hot topic in fashion world. Not only it is look cute and have many color combination which make your outfit colorful, but this outfit is so stylish no matter what kind of style and outfit combination that you wear.

Polka dot is becoming hot trends these days. Many celebrities are spotted to wear polka dot outfit like polka dot pants, polka dot blouse or even dress. There are lots of outfit ideas you can wear with polka dot. Moreover polka dot is also easy to style, you can get casual look, work outfit and many more.

For those who love with feminine look then I bet your wardrobe is full with all kind of skirt. Skirt is always popular not only because of its feminine look, but also because it gave you unique style. There is lot of combinations with skirt, you can combine skirt with t-shirt for casual look, or you can combine your skirt with blazer and blouse for work outfit. The most popular is using skirt for party, either it is formal party or not.

What is wrong with bold outfit? Many people didn’t confidence to wear printed outfit especially pants because it is bold outfit. Well ladies just be bold and show the world how stylish you are with printed pants. Printed pants are versatile and can be used in many occasions such as work, hanging with friends etc.

I know that you will think that printed and patterned pants are bold fashions. But let me tell you this, printed and patterned pants is still in trend and with the right choice of outfit combination you can look stylish and hot.

From heels to sneakers, the discussion of shoes is always become hot topics especially for women. And when we talk about shoes there are long list of shoes that you can choose and long list for styling the shoes. But there is one of shoes that I need to inform you, yup that is oxford shoes.

Sweater is always awesome in every season, be it in winter, fall or even spring. You can express you style and feeling with you own sweater. More over sweater is so easy to mix match with other outfit. You can go with skinny jeans and sneakers for casual looks. Or you can go with oversized sweater with belt on your waist to add more structure in your outfit.

It is awesome to have sweater in our ward robe because sweater will come in handy not only in cold weather but also when you’re too lazy to think about your style. For example when you are in hurry you can simply wear your sweater and chinos or skinny jeans and you already look stylish.