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I check the time to lớn beat và notice that Bloodborne: The old hunters edition only takes less than 10h khổng lồ beat while the standard takes more than 30h lớn beat. So does Bloodborne: The old hunters edition include the standard edition? I heard that this trò chơi is good so I want khổng lồ try it out. Thanks

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No, "The Old Hunters" is DLC and requires already owning the base trò chơi to be able lớn play.

The 10 hours referenced in the time khổng lồ beat is for the "The Old Hunters" DLC only.

If you want to lớn buy both the main game và the DLC in one package you need lớn get the "Game of the Year" Edition.

Edit: Further khổng lồ Kodama"s comment, it seems that "The Old Hunters Edition" is an Asian region special edition that includes the base game, DLC, soundtrack and strategy guide. This is a physical version of the game, not to be confused with "The Old Hunters" which is a digital only DLC referenced above.


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