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Get more replies, save valuable time, and địa chỉ a human touch with đoạn clip email and đoạn phim messages.

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Where does your sales process need help? video clip messaging helps your sales team pull through more đơn hàng more quickly.


Stand out from the noise - and from competitors. Put a face with your name. Increase replies và responses. Set videos in with your calls, emails, & other outreach.


Faceless, machine-generated lead response doesn’t motivate buyers lớn engage the way that đoạn clip follow-up does. Differentiate yourself and show that you’re there to lớn help.


It’s frustrating lớn be ignored & forgotten. helps you convey value, urgency, & alignment when reengaging cold leads.


Ghosting and no-shows waste everyone’s time. Video’s proven lớn increase meeting attendance. Send one to promise value, create anticipation, and help people connect with you as a person.

Don’t let urgency or priority fade away. Follow-up videos ensure clients continue khổng lồ feed off your enthusiasm & understand the next steps.

Stay đứng top of mind, even when the khuyến mãi gets pushed back weeks or months. Use to lớn remain present và helpful, so you’re the first choice when it’s time to lớn move forward.

Influence all of the decision makers, not just those who attended the meeting. A đoạn clip message captures the emotion & authority that only you can convey about your hàng hóa or service.

A contract or proposal can feel cold, confusing, or even intimidating - stalling or even killing a deal. A screen-recording đoạn phim walking people through it provides clarity và confidence.

Reduce buyer’s remorse & start the relationship off on the right foot. A personal thank-you đoạn phim makes people feel appreciated, supported, và confident.

Is your customer experience worth talking about? How does it make people feel? Is it driving positive reviews, testimonials, và referrals? Adding video clip throughout their journey makes you more remarkable.

Healthy, long-term relationships create healthy businesses. Stay in touch through đoạn clip for more contract renewals, repeat purchasing, expanded purchasing, referral opportunities, and other benefits.

đoạn phim messages vs đoạn clip meetings

Video meetings overcome distance. When you can’t meet in person, a video call brings people together wherever you are.

Video messages overcome both time & distance. Record and send when it’s convenient for you lớn create an in-person experience khổng lồ be played at the convenience of others.

video clip isn’t the differentiator. You are.

A đoạn clip tool on its own isn’t as useful as a video tool that comes with the guidance of what to lớn say and when khổng lồ send. Our human-centered approach blends empathy & understanding lớn reward people for their attention & to build more trust.

Choose a trusted partner’s not a startup. In fact, we pioneered this công nghệ 15 years ago & give you the most secure, reliable, and effective video clip messaging platform around. is used và approved by several large enterprises và fortune 500 companies.

We’re compliant with GDPR, PCI, Privacy Shield, SOC 2 Type 1, and SOC 2 Type 2. is integrated with 60 enterprise applications.

Your entire team will be onboarded và educated on the how, when, and why of sending đoạn clip messages.

Our đoạn clip coaches have helped all kinds of teams và sent thousands of videos themselves. You’ll get the resources and tư vấn to achieve the results you want.

Awesome technology và the best form of communication there is for salespeople, probably for anyone trying khổng lồ establish a relationship with a new acquaintance!

Robert T.

Real Estate Broker

I’ve been able to lớn save time và communicate better where a written e-mail would have taken longer or not been able khổng lồ communicate the nuance of my message.

Logan L.

Director of Podcast Partnerships

Let’s talk metrics...I’ve seen a proven increase in my sales conversions.

It’s great as a differentiator.

Nick T.

Venture Capital Associate Partner

The best thing is offering our clients is our true authentic selves. Most days, we hide behind our professional armor, và to some extent, that can hinder us.

Being a team lead, I was fortunate enough to work with Angela Ferris for multiple training sessions. She was the glue that made click for us.

Nicole L.

Real Estate Team Lead has become an essential tool we use more and more to personalize our relationships.

The benefit of hearing & seeing yourself is critical for sales development. fashionssories.coms’ impact on our business relationships is without a doubt impacting our success in converting and maintaining more business.

Cliff M.

Sales Manager

Follow the path lớn success You và your team likely have questions và concerns about getting started with video and using it successfully.

Over the past dozen years, has guided tens of thousands of companies to lớn success with clip messaging. We’ll create a path to success with you, too.


Your team will be onboarded with a process that produces confident, consistent, và effective use of video, including these three stages…

Confidence on camera

Move through fear of judgment và discomfort with what you look và sound lượt thích to recording with confidence, enthusiasm, & authority.

When lớn send & what lớn say

Learn which moments benefit most from adding a video, what to lớn say and how lớn say it, and what’s working best within your team.

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How it all works together

Make video clip a critical & complementary part of each individual message & your overall communication process.

Want your team to lớn build stronger relationships & create more opportunities through đoạn clip email and video messaging?