Xiaomi"s updated 2K security camera has all the essentials, but there"s not enough here to lớn warrant an upgrade.

The mày 360 home Security Camera 2K Pro is a quality upgrade over an excellent product, but it"s not a must-have upgrade. Xiaomi"s existing 360-degree cameras deliver many of the same features without the higher price tag. However, if you are in the market for an easy-to-use high-resolution security camera, the mày 360 trang chủ Security Camera 2K Pro is a chất lượng option, at a reasonable price.
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One of the earliest products xiaomi introduced as part of its ecosystem expansion was a home security camera. The feature-packed camera was an easy sell in the then-nascent category và it certainly didn’t hurt that the camera was much lower priced compared khổng lồ the competition. Since then, the market has expanded significantly. From budget-focused options from Xiaomi, Realme, and more, khổng lồ pricier but more robust solutions from the likes of Google Nest and Amazon’s Ring, it is possible khổng lồ get quality wireless security cameras at all price points.In theAndroid Authority mi 360 home Security Camera 2K Pro review, we see if Xiaomi’s upgraded model brings enough to lớn the table to justify the uptick in price và if it makes sense for existing buyers lớn upgrade their cameras.

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About this ngươi 360 trang chủ Security Camera 2K Pro review: I tested the mi 360 home Security Camera 2K Pro over a period of four days. It was running firmware version 4.1.6_0309. The unit was provided by xiaomi mi India for this review.


Mi 360 home Security Camera 2K Pro: Rs. 4,499 / €59.99 / ~£50 (~$60)Xiaomi’s upgraded ngươi 360 trang chủ Security Camera 2K Pro is all about the updated image sensor và refreshed hardware design. While the feature set isn’t drastically different compared khổng lồ the previous model, the new camera should be able to capture a lot more detail. That new sensor also allows the camera lớn capture full-color nighttime images.

It’s important to note that xiaomi isn’t positioning the Mi home Security Camera 2K Pro as a replacement for existing models like the standard 1080p indoor camera, or the 360-degree 1080p camera. The latest model, instead, sits a tier above as an nâng cấp for those who want a higher-resolution image.

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Xiaomi’s home security camera operates in a relatively isolated space, with limited alternatives. Primary options in India include Realme’s 360-degree security camera, as well as alternatives from TP-Link and CP-Plus. However, all of these cameras top-off at 1080p recording, which sets the Mi home Security Camera 2K Pro apart. In Europe, Eufy, TP-Link, & Amazon’s Ring offer competitive products.

The ngươi 360 trang chủ Security Camera 2K Pro goes on sale in India starting September 15 và will be available for Rs. 4,499 at, as well as Amazon. In Europe, the camera is priced at €59.99 or for around £50 in the UK and is available lớn buy now.


The Xiaomi mi 360 home Security Camera 2K Pro is as straightforward as trang chủ security cameras come. While previous generation models were geared towards indoor use with softer curves, the ngươi 360 home Security Camera 2K Pro is designed more like a traditional dome security camera.

The entire construction is trắng polycarbonate with a 360-degree rotation motor embedded in the base. It’s fairly noiseless & once mounted, you can barely hear the camera moving around. The vertical motion of the camera is controlled via a central module that offers 110-degrees of visibility.


The camera supports memory cards up khổng lồ 32GB and the thẻ slot is tucked away below the camera lens. You’ll have to coax the camera module up, either by using the tiện ích or by manually pushing it up to slot in the card. It’s not the most convenient solution, but it does guarantee a modicum of security considering nobody can extract the card without being in the camera’s frame of view.


Finally, over at the back, you’ll find a micro-USB slot lớn power up the camera. Xiaomi has tossed a nguồn adaptor in the box along with a sufficiently long micro-USB cable which should allow you to run the camera a fair distance from a power socket.

There"s not much lớn the hardware here, but the dead-simple cài đặt should be a boon to first-time users.

It’s all pretty straightforward, as it should be, and the camera can even be mounted lớn the ceiling using an included bracket. All hook-ups are included in the box, và you’ll just need khổng lồ drill in two holes to mount it. That said, I would have liked khổng lồ see a locking mechanism of some sort as it is too easy khổng lồ twist & remove the camera.

The mi 360 trang chủ Security Camera 2K Pro taps into the standard Mi trang chủ app, lượt thích all of Xiaomi’s ecosystem products. Phối up is straightforward và the tiện ích automatically detected the camera the first time I powered it up. After that, all it took was scanning in the QR code at the base of the camera to add it lớn my các mục of devices. The phầm mềm automatically transfers the last saved Wi-Fi SSID và password to lớn the camera.

Unlike many devices, I didn’t feel the need to fiddle around much with the out-of-the-box settings. Xiaomi mi has done well lớn make the camera as plug và play as possible.

Is the software any good?

Tapping the relevant camera in the tiện ích brings up a fullscreen view of the camera as well as associated controls. An on-screen joystick lets you adjust the position of the camera. There’s a hint of latency here, but that’s to be expected with most security cameras. Additionally, you’ll find controls for taking snapshots, videos, listening in to lớn the camera’s microphone, và also broadcasting audio through the camera itself.

The app also includes a setting lớn allow the ngươi 360 trang chủ Security Camera 2K Pro khổng lồ follow humans within the frame. Unfortunately, the camera does not return khổng lồ its original position once the person moves out of the frame, making it a bit redundant.

Another obvious omission is detection zones. The camera detects motion across the entire viewing plane, which means that plants moving in the breeze trigger motion detection just the same as a person walking across. Sure, the tiện ích lets you easily toggle human triggers và standard motion detection while reviewing security footage, but the lack of zones means that there’s simply no way khổng lồ block out a busy street or foliage for motion detection. Detection zones have been common on security cameras for years, so it’s rather disappointing that xiaomi refuses to địa chỉ cửa hàng the feature here.

While most of these issues are an annoyance at best, I vị have a major concern with the mi 360 home Security Camera 2K Pro. Notifications have a cooling-off period of three minutes. Moreover, the camera only records 60-second clips if you’ve phối it to record on motion detection. Since the camera uses a combination of the infrared & camera sensors to lớn trigger a notification, all too often the recording starts well before the object is visibly within the frame, and you won’t get any further notification or recording. I own and use a number of xiaomi security cameras và the only real way around this is to set the camera to record continuously. Thankfully, the phầm mềm is able khổng lồ classify recordings with people in them, so it’s easy enough to go back and đánh giá footage.

The camera also offers seven days of cloud backups for clips, which should give users some peace of mind in case a perpetrator makes off with your camera. Finally, it is also possible to use a NAS device for storing recordings. The thiết lập process is a bit clunky và needs you to switch back khổng lồ the SMB1 protocol on your NAS. Moreover, xiaomi mi includes no clear documentation on the process. It’s pretty obvious that the company doesn’t expect too many users lớn opt for this storage method, but the option is there for those who want their personal recordings safely backed up.

Elsewhere, configuring specific recording times is a cinch here, và you can opt between full-time, daytime, or nighttime surveillance. The app will also let you mix a customized schedule. You can easily phối up a start & stop time for camera monitoring, however, the lack of multiple schedules is a bit disappointing.

I lượt thích Xiaomi’s one-stop approach khổng lồ the app as it lets you easily pop into additional cameras, and also accessories. It also allows for some interesting automation possibilities, lượt thích starting the mi Robot Vacuum or Air Purifier when the camera detects motion. The feature is a handy replacement for IFTTT since the cameras don’t support the third-party service.

Xiaomi’s latest security cam sports a 3MP camera that can shoot at 20fps. The stream isn’t silky smooth, but it suffices for the price và I found the picture chất lượng to be on point. The upgraded dual-band Wi-Fi with tư vấn for 5GHz networks comes in clutch, & the stream starts a second or so after you tap the button in the app.

With the sensitivity set to high, the camera was fairly reliable with sending motion detection notifications lớn both my OnePlus 9 Pro và my iPhone 12. On Android, however, you’ll need to lớn switch off battery optimization & lock the phầm mềm in memory lớn ensure that you don’t miss out on notifications.

The upgraded sensor also allows for full-color nighttime images which is a pretty incredible feat. There’s ample detail in both the daytime & low-light shots. Video chất lượng is good enough for the intended use case, too.

Anything else?

No water resistance: xiaomi doesn’t really advertise the camera as an outdoor cam, but the khung factor and functionality make it perfectly suited as one. Having a degree of splash resistance against rain would have been a definite value add. You can, of course, mount it away from direct sunlight và keep it protected from errant splashes.Bluetooth Gateway: The camera also serves as a bluetooth không dây gateway & can work as an extension to Bluetooth-enabled IoT products like bulbs.
The mày 360 trang chủ Security Camera 2K Pro can capture clip at 2K resolution & practically see in the dark with its full-color night-time capture capability.
The mày 360 trang chủ Security Camera 2K Pro is pretty well priced for the feature phối it offers. The real advantage here is the upgraded 2K sensor that captures a lot more detail. The camera doesn’t offer granular controls over every aspect, but it is a consumer-facing product & isn’t really meant for hardcore security use.

The most obvious competitor comes from within Xiaomi’s own portfolio. The ngươi Security Cam 360 (£39/Rs. 2,999) offers many of the same features at a significantly lower price point. You’re only losing out on resolution & even that isn’t much of a loss if the camera is being used indoors for basic monitoring.

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For those in India, the Realme 360 Smart Security Camera (Rs.2,999) offers a very similar feature set to lớn Xiaomi’s 1080p 360 cam. In fact, your decision will only be dependent on which company’s platform you want khổng lồ lock yourself into.

There’s also the TP-Link Tapo C200 (£34/Rs. 2,599) that wins out over Xiaomi’s offering with its longer recording times once it detects motion. The rest of the feature set, however, is on par with Xiaomi và Realme’s cameras.

European buyers looking for a 2K alternative should kiểm tra out Eufy’s P24 (£47), though Amazon’s Ring Indoor Cam (£49) is the popular choice for those with Alexa-powered smart homes.

Xiaomi mi 360 home Security Camera 2K Pro review: The verdict

The Xiaomi ngươi 360 home Security Camera 2K Pro is a very good consumer-grade security camera, all things considered. It covers the basics of picture quality, ease of use, & quick notifications. However, it’s not a massive upgrade over the 1080p model. Additionally, the lack of “Pro” features likes motion detection zones is disappointing, khổng lồ say the least.

The ngươi 360 home Security Camera 2K Pro is a perfectly good camera, but it doesn"t differentiate enough lớn justify the higher sticker price.

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There’s nothing inherently wrong with the mày 360 trang chủ Security Camera 2K Pro. However, It might be a testament khổng lồ Xiaomi’s prowess at delivering value that most users will be perfectly happy with Xiaomi’s existing 1080p solution. It does almost all the same things as the upgraded 2K model while costing a whole lot less.