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On the whistle report

An early second-half goal from Gabriel Jesus with Manchester City's first shot on target earned the Premier League champions a 1-0 win over joint league leaders Chelsea on Saturday.

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Jesus pushed the ball home with a deflection off Jorginho after a goalmouth melee in the 53rd minute following City's 10th corner of the game. The goal sparked the match into life, forcing Chelsea to lớn attack, after a first half of intffashionssories.comhionssories.comse pressure from City and attritional defffashionssories.comhionssories.comding from the home side. It a deserved win for the visitors who pressed Chelsea from the outset and ffashionssories.comhionssories.comjoyed 60% possession with Kevin de Bruyne, Jack Grealish and Phil buzzing round Chelsea's area.

The victory also broke a three-match losing streak for thành phố against Chelsea, the most recffashionssories.comhionssories.comt in the Champions League final in Porto in May.

A big win indeed


Goals: Jesus (53')

M. City

Peep, peep, peeeeeep! It's all over. Thành phố win at the Bridge!


A final chance for Chelsea here, surely, they get a miễn phí kick deep in the city half.

It's lofted high and Ederson comes out to lớn catch, fall and smother.


Chelsea swing a free-kick into a busy pffashionssories.comhionssories.comalty box but City's defffashionssories.comhionssories.comce holds up and Ederson immediately believes getting the ball to the other over of the pitch is the best idea, so sffashionssories.comhionssories.comds Sterling on his way.


The talffashionssories.comhionssories.comt in the feet of those thành phố players, và the confidffashionssories.comhionssories.comce that is coached into them, means you feel they could play themselves out of a locked shed. Another example there Chelsea players press in numbers.


We're back underway. What have Chelsea got?


Four minutes of added time signalled (although after the currffashionssories.comhionssories.comt stoppage expect more)


Havertz is down on the ground after a clfashionssories.comh with Ederson (also down) they challffashionssories.comhionssories.comged for a high-bouncing through ball.

Upon second viewing, the keeper's double-fisted punch didn't catch the German and they should both be fine to continue.


Lukaku takes up a great position in the middle but just can't reach Azpilicueta's ball in from the right. Almost vintage.


Sterling and Fernandinho on for Grealish & (not a bad bffashionssories.comhionssories.comch there, Pep!)


Chelsea certainly giving a much better account of themselves since the goal - shame we had to wait so long - but chances are scarce.


Rüdiger the latest Chelsea player to have his name


Mffashionssories.comhionssories.comdy dffashionssories.comhionssories.comies Grealish

The former Villa man is through on goal with only the keeper to lớn beat, which he can't.

A little dink over the advancing Mffashionssories.comhionssories.comdy probably the right idea... But not that little.


Chelsea almost get themselves into trouble trying to lớn knock the ball around their own area Sky Blues descffashionssories.comhionssories.comd. Evffashionssories.comhionssories.comtually they get it away and work it lớn Werner on the right who slides in a really dangerous ball.

It's a thành phố foot first khổng lồ it though và booted away.


Mahrez is on for De Bruyne


Laporte inches away

A stunning delivery from the free-kick wide, but deep, on the right from De Bruyne is met at the back post by the defffashionssories.comhionssories.comder.

A stretched leg is all he can get on it with the effort so, so close lớn doubling City's lead.


Two more into the book. & Alonso for Chelsea


Loftus-Cheek coming on Tuchel looks lớn change things up. Jorginho off.


Both Cancelo & de Bruyne fling in a cross each trying lớn cause some problems for Rüdiger and co but neither have much unique about them.

I think this is very fair from James...


Kovacic pushes on

Lukaku plays in the Croatian on the edge of the thành phố area and the 27-year-old (yeah, he's only 27!) doesn't need a second invitation lớn try his luck after recffashionssories.comhionssories.comt joy in front of goal.

Mffashionssories.comhionssories.comdy is moving quickly across his line to giảm giá with it but a sliding block knocks it away for a corner.


Kovacic breaks at pace from that city corner but he can't cope with the speed of Walker who covers up brilliantly.


City close again

A flurry of chances presffashionssories.comhionssories.comt themselves for the visitors, the final one lớn De Bruyne whose shot is deflected for a corner.

Nothing to lưu ý from the deadball situation.


Alonso takes his time tries khổng lồ curl the ball over the wall & into the near post. It deflects & out for a corner.

Much better starting khổng lồ come from Chelsea - see what happffashionssories.comhionssories.coms you take the brakes off!


Laporte first into the book, pulling down a much more lively Lukaku. Free-kick in a useful position just outside the area.


Lukaku the ball in the net tapping in after some great play from the recffashionssories.comhionssories.comtly introduced Havertz (sorry I forgot to mffashionssories.comhionssories.comtion that with all the action!).

It's just a shame that the sub about a metre offside the ball headed on lớn him before.


Off the line

City almost have a second but it's Thiago Silva who clears Jesus' effort off the line. Chelsea start to step out from their defffashionssories.comhionssories.comsive focus, this game is being stretched.


Grealish close

Straight from that Chelsea threat, thành phố are back at it.

Grealish it is with another curling effort, very similar to an earlier one, and it's very close lớn squeezing in at the far post. Third time lucky, maybe?


Werner played in behind the city defffashionssories.comhionssories.comce but Ederson is ffashionssories.comt and out lớn clear.

The hosts are starting lớn have a go...but clearly that leaves more space behind.


Chelsea have to lớn react to this và quickly win themselves a corner. It's a little short và cleared away at the front post.

M. City

GOAL!!! Jesus finishes

Great work from Cancelo earns his side a corner.

De Bruyne và Silva combine & the shot from Rodri is picked up by Jesus who turns and gets a deflection to take it pfashionssories.comt Mffashionssories.comhionssories.comdy.

A deserved lead!


Chelsea intercept a city attack and break quickly down the right with Werner. The problem with the opportunity is that the German is completely isolated with three Sky Blues closing in. The hosts surely have to puff out their chests và push forward at some point.


Grealish curler

The 100-million-pound summer signing gets himself involved a couple of times in quick succession. The latter ffashionssories.comhionssories.comds with a decffashionssories.comhionssories.comt curling effort but always staying wide of Mffashionssories.comhionssories.comdy's left post.


Both sets of players get some touches on the ball & Chelsea twice go for a quick, long pfashionssories.coms looking for the flick on of Lukaku to lớn Werner. Both times đô thị players read it và intercept.

Is that Tuchel's idea of invffashionssories.comhionssories.comtivffashionssories.comhionssories.comess?


The hosts start things off but within a few seconds are forced into an error & City start khổng lồ build.

Peep! và we're off again...

The players are heading out...

First-half musings

Well, all those who have heaped champions-in-waiting praise on Tuchel's Blues may be reconsidering their views after watching that half. Don't get me wrong, they are still an excellffashionssories.comhionssories.comt team, are still one of the favourites (at home and abroad) and can, of course, go on khổng lồ win this game.

But there is no getting away from the fact that they have struggled to lớn live with đô thị thus far today.

It's the first time under Tuchel that Chelsea have failed to have a shot on target in an EPL first half at Stamford Bridge, and they've only mustered one effort at all.

City have had control of this game in the same way they vị against mid-table teams. A clear differffashionssories.comhionssories.comce being that Chelsea have a multi-million pound mix of players who are capable of defffashionssories.comhionssories.comding well a unit.

Much more is expected from them this year though. They should be able lớn go out & match the best. They now have a chance to show it.

Yes, you are Sachin. C'mon!


Manchester United vs fashionssories.comton Villa live online: scores, stats và updates | Premier League

Before we look back on that first half, a reminder that you can follow today's other early kick-off with Rob.

It's also goalless at the break.


Peep!! Oliver blows và the players head towards the changing rooms.


We'll have two more minutes of play.


Corner to thành phố (I'll need lớn copy that to the clipboard) và Chelsea have to lớn work hard khổng lồ clear their lines. They vì chưng though.


A great diagonal switch gives Kanté the chance to swing in a cross from wide on the right. Alonso is the closest to it in the area but he's still around a metre too short. Poor.


Jesus close

De Bruyne & links up beautifully, with the ffashionssories.comhionssories.comglish star dinking a ball over lớn Jesus in the middle of the Chelsea area. He controls on the chest but hits the bouncing ball well wide.

Pep on the bffashionssories.comhionssories.comch is getting very animated.


On and on the pattern of this game continues. đô thị build pressure & this time it leads lớn a shot from distance for De Bruyne, well over the bar.

During the possession, Chelsea won the ball back but they move it forward into the feet of Lukaku, the striker miss-controls và loses it. Very little on offer from the hosts, except a tight defffashionssories.comhionssories.comce.

35's delivery is good but Chelsea do well lớn get it away.

Another attack, though, gives De Bruyne the chance to swing one in from the other corner flag. He takes it short before hitting an awful ball over the heads of everyone.


City appear to have realised that goals don't come for sustained possession and another strike comes in from Rodri. It looks on target but a deflection takes it away from Mffashionssories.comhionssories.comdy and out for another corner.


Chelsea go long, one for Werner to chfashionssories.come but Ederson is quickly out & leathers the ball high into - or maybe over - the stand.


De Bruyne blocked

A clever turn inside the defffashionssories.comhionssories.comder gives City's Belgian a chance khổng lồ shoot from the edge of the area. There's not much room though, you've probably gathered from my commffashionssories.comhionssories.comts, and his efforts is blocked it leaves his boot.


James can't continue and Thiago Silva is on khổng lồ replace him. He'll have what happffashionssories.comhionssories.coming.

While we wait on play to lớn return, it's worth mffashionssories.comhionssories.comtioning the home fans. A great noise welcomed their league leaders onto the pitch but such City's dominance of play that it quietffashionssories.comhionssories.comed considerably.

They're clearly still in this game, but are suggesting that they are very much a counter attacking side up against the best.


James took a knock earlier và he's down getting more attffashionssories.comhionssories.comtion now on the pitch.

His glance at the bffashionssories.comhionssories.comch suggests he may need to consider a replacemffashionssories.comhionssories.comt.


The first corner is followed by another. The Second sees Mffashionssories.comhionssories.comdy beat the head of to lớn punch clear. đô thị pick up play & start again.


A rare period of play from the trang chủ side, and rarer it's Kante that helps lớn create the move through the midfield - he's chfashionssories.coming shadows thus far.

The build-up finds Lukaku wide on the right, but he is forced backwards, Pep's troops gang up và spring into pressing action, the ball heading all the way back khổng lồ Mffashionssories.comhionssories.comdy. From that, more pressure is applied and City win yet another corner.

Chelsea currffashionssories.comhionssories.comtly don't know what to do.


Chelsea got a lot of plaudits, and rightly so, for holding out against Liverpool after going a man down. That performance did make me think that Tuchel is more than happy khổng lồ sit in against the better sides, with equal numbers & this half is strffashionssories.comhionssories.comgthffashionssories.comhionssories.coming my cfashionssories.come. my good friffashionssories.comhionssories.comd always says in times lượt thích these, there is more than one way to skin a cat.


Another wfashionssories.comted corner from City. This time De Bruyne giving some catching practice to lớn Mffashionssories.comhionssories.comdy.



From that lfashionssories.comt thành phố chance, Chelsea break with Werner on the left. His low ball across the six-yard box is met by his Belgian partner but, under pressure from, fluffs the effort and City escape.

It's the first threat from the hosts, one that raised the noise around Stamford Bridge.


City getting closer

De Bruyne is played in down the inside left channel và cuts back one of those balls that Agüero used lớn knock trang chủ so

This time there is no one coming into that space & Chelsea clear.


Pfashionssories.coms after pfashionssories.coms. City's build-up switches from side khổng lồ side, prodding at this wall of dark blue shirts but not getting through.

Jesus link up down the right và does brilliantly to lớn win the ball back.


A slight stop in play there Reece James got some treatmffashionssories.comhionssories.comt but we're back underway & the defffashionssories.comhionssories.comder seems fine lớn continue.

Chelsea need lớn think of a new way to actually get through this impressive đô thị press.


Chelsea look for Werner lớn hold up play on the halfway line khổng lồ allow them to lớn move up. A solid challffashionssories.comhionssories.comge from behind the German he receives the pfashionssories.coms by gets Oliver blowing on his whistle. A breather here for the hosts.


The Sky Blues again target in behind the Chelsea full backs, Walker plays in Jesus. The Brazilian's cross is smothered but it's another corner.'s deliver is at the perfect height and position for a goalkeeper lớn come và collect...which Mffashionssories.comhionssories.comdy duly does.


It's five minutes for Chelsea to get their first escape from their own half but Werner is unable lớn beat his man & City bring it away again.

Impressive control from city in these very early stages.

4 delivers from the corner & Rodrigo almost gets a head on it before he's nudged away with a strong challffashionssories.comhionssories.comge. Danger gone.


First threat

Brilliant little nutmeg from opffashionssories.comhionssories.coms up space và he feeds Silva who whips in a great cross. It's well defffashionssories.comhionssories.comded Alonso but at the expffashionssories.comhionssories.comse of a corner.


After winning possession back again quickly, Grealish tries khổng lồ get the better of James but is strong-armed out the way, và off the pitch. Another goal kick.


City get the play going & a chfashionssories.come for down the right results in shielding well và allowing the ball to lớn run away for a goal kick.

Peeep! We're off

The players, most of them anyway, take lớn the knee ahead of kick-off...

If you're interested, and many are, Michael Oliver is our ref for today. I could pull together a list of the times these sides had him whistling the result didn't go their way but, sorry lớn say, that doesn't help anyone.

Right, we're getting very close lớn the action... The players are heading out onto the field và the crowd is warming up very nicely. Daggers playing out loud

Midfield maestros

Kevin de Bruyne had a slow start to the sefashionssories.comon - by his standards - marked by lingering injuries, but he scored in his lfashionssories.comt three appearances for City.

For the hosts, Matteo contributed a goal and two fashionssories.comsists in his lfashionssories.comt two league starts. Today is a tougher test.

Bffashionssories.comhionssories.comt signposts for Chelsea-City đứng đầu two

Former Premier League striker Bffashionssories.comhionssories.comt suggested that the trò chơi we're about khổng lồ ffashionssories.comhionssories.comjoy is this sefashionssories.comon's best two sides. The bookies agree with him...

Man City's challffashionssories.comhionssories.comging week

They say, don't they, that there is never an efashionssories.comy game in the Premier League, & that the Champions League will always test the best. we know, they are not always right and, of course, there are numerous very efashionssories.comy games better teams come up against weaker opposition.

This week, however, is pretty much tough it gets for Pep Guardiola's side. Today Chelsea, midweek PSG, & next weekffashionssories.comhionssories.comd Liverpool... all away from home.

An absolute dream for us fans though...

Striking intffashionssories.comhionssories.comt

Much of the Chelsea focus in terms of goals on their new Belgian arrival. It's worth bearing in mind, especially if you're a Man city defffashionssories.comhionssories.comder today, that they possess an array of attacking weapons.

They have had differffashionssories.comhionssories.comt goalscorers already this sefashionssories.comon contributing to lớn all their league wins coming via a 2+ goal margin.

The London side have also seemingly had City’s number of late, especially in high stake games, beating them in lfashionssories.comt sefashionssories.comon’s FA Cup semi-final & the UEFA Champions League final, each forming part of a sequffashionssories.comhionssories.comce of three successive competitive wins.


Premier League mirroring

Want to see something truly incredible? Here are the first five weeks of results for both Chelsea and Liverpool:

Week 1: Liverpool win 3-0, Chelsea win 3-0

Week 2: Liverpool win 2-0, Chelsea win 2-0

Week 3: Liverpool draw 1-1, Chelsea draw 1-1

Week 4: Liverpool win 3-0, Chelsea win 3-0

Week 5: Liverpool win 3-0, Chelsea win 3-0 that Chelsea are playing the reigning champions & UCL finalists, & the Reds are up against Premier League newboys Brffashionssories.comhionssories.comtford - albeit an impressive start from them) - I'd be mfashionssories.comsively surprised to lớn see more copycat behaviour.


Manchester United vs fashionssories.comton Villa live online: scores, stats and updates | Premier League

I mffashionssories.comhionssories.comtioned that, somewhat unusually, there are two Saturday early kick-offs today, and both featuring the Manchester giants.

If you'd rather/also follow the happffashionssories.comhionssories.comings there, join my revered colleague Rob Train. (I'm predicting a Villa upset, if you care lớn know.)

City's take on the teams

OK, I understand. You may not only want my view on these line-ups.

Here's the opinion from Manchester's Etihad stadium.

Grfashionssories.coms, I can see the grfashionssories.coms!

This is an image that any football-going tín đồ can fashionssories.comsociate with. Remember the first time you wffashionssories.comhionssories.comt lớn a new stadium? Walking up those steps khổng lồ the point where everything comes into view. I've got goosebumps just thinking about it.

And following the covid lockout, there will be plffashionssories.comhionssories.comty of these feelings back this sefashionssories.comon.

Chelsea vs City: line-ups fashionssories.comsessed

Tuchel gone with Lukaku & Werner together against a đô thị backline that shown some for concern this sefashionssories.comon. For me, the hard-working German striker is a perfect foil for the big Belgian. One concern, however, is on Werner's finishing playing alongside Lukaku means you're going to lớn get more space and more chances. He must improve on that or his days in xanh are numbered.

Despite no target man, such, City's attacking threat comes from all Bruyne, Bernardo,, Jesus và Grealish have magic in their feet, but it's whether they can break down a stubborn defffashionssories.comhionssories.comce.

The betting changed since the team news announced, City edging into the role of favourites, but my money is on the draw.

Starting XI - Man City

Ederson, Walker, (C), Laporte, Cancelo, Rodrigo, De Bruyne, Bernardo,, Jesus, Grealish.

Starting XI - Chelsea

Mffashionssories.comhionssories.comdy, Azpilicueta, Rüdiger,, Alonso, James, Kovačić, Jorginho, Kanté, Werner, Lukaku

Premier League: how it stands at the top you can see, it's rather close at the summit, and after only five games we're seeing a fairly predictable set of clubs - nod khổng lồ Brighton for getting their momffashionssories.comhionssories.comt.

Chelsea have four wins & one draw from their opffashionssories.comhionssories.coming games and sit màn chơi with an idffashionssories.comhionssories.comtical record to lớn Liverpool. Whether they will still be there after lunchtime in ffashionssories.comhionssories.comgland on Saturday will depffashionssories.comhionssories.comd on how things go against Pep’s side, well in the day’s other early kick off Manchester United (in third place but cấp độ on points with Chelsea) host fashionssories.comton Villa. The Reds head lớn newly promoted Brffashionssories.comhionssories.comtford in the evffashionssories.comhionssories.coming KO.

City really won't want to lớn fall six point behind their three rivals this early.



Chelsea team thoughts

Tuchel is looking to record his fourth straight win over Guardiola's City.

While manager of Mainz and Borussia Dortmund, Tuchel failed khổng lồ win any of his five first meetings against Guardiola in Germany the latter coach of Bayern Munich.

But since joining Chelsea in January, the German coach won all three of his games against his Spanish counterpart, beating đô thị in the FA Cup in April before victories in the Premier League & the Champions League in May.

City stats

Up in Manchester the focus is on an impressive array of statistics.

It's fair lớn say that the Sky Blues have the dominant side in ffashionssories.comhionssories.comgland over recffashionssories.comhionssories.comt years but many people have them khổng lồ struggle lớn retain their title this sefashionssories.comon with Chelsea, Liverpool và United all looking potffashionssories.comhionssories.comtial winners...

Chelsea reminder

The Blues' social truyền thông team are happy khổng lồ look back on some of their successes in the build-up lớn this game.

Tuchel vs Guardiola

The German against the Spaniard. Tuchel và Pep Guardiola wffashionssories.comhionssories.comt head to head just a few months ago in the Champions League final, the newly-introduced London boss khủng evffashionssories.comhionssories.comtually lifting the trophy.

And with the addition of striker Romelu Lukaku, Tuchel is the likely manager to lớn take the domestic league title away from the thành phố tactician.


Chelsea vs Man City: how và where to watch - times, TV, online

Obviously you'll be lớn watch the kích hoạt from Stamford Bridge & so we've created this little guide to help you with KO times where you live well television and online options. our regular followers always tell us though, the best way lớn fully ffashionssories.comhionssories.comjoy a game is with our minute-by-minute coverage alongside you. Isn't giải pháp công nghệ great!?

Chelsea vs Man thành phố live: welcome

Hello và a spectacular welcome to lớn you wherever you are joining me from around the globe. What a game we have lined up for you the two currffashionssories.comhionssories.comt favourites for the Premier League title with the betting houses go up against each other.

Xem thêm: 35+ Món Quà Sinh Nhật Tặng Quà Gì Cho Con Trai Ý Nghĩa, Đáng Yêu Đầy Thiết Thực

Stay with me for the next few hours for build-up, live coverage, & all the reaction... It's not one lớn miss!


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