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What would you vị with a smartwatch? While game android Wear & the apple Watch offer you the choice of ‘everything’, the Pebble Time Steel takes a different approach.

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It’s a lower-key, low-maintenance watch with much less eye-catching tech. You might think this also makes the Pebble Time Steel less interesting, but its style makes sense. Get this: the apple Watch lasts a day off a charge, the Time Steel up to lớn 10 days. & its screen stays on 24/7.

There’s a good chance you know all this, though, because the Pebble Time Steel is the all-round fancier version of the Pebble Time from earlier this year. It gets you a full-metal case, better stamina và some other hardware upgrades for an extra £50. Is it worth it? Just about, but mostly because it seems to take bumps & scrapes a bit better than the cheaper version.

More steel, less steel?


However, if you’re after a watch that feels flashy and futuristic rather than one that just slips into your life, you might not get on with the Pebble Time Steel quite as well. It has apps, thousands of the things, but they can seem quite simple compared with those of android Wear & the táo Watch.

It comes down khổng lồ interaction. While the Pebble Time Steel has a microphone khổng lồ let you take voice notes và reply khổng lồ messages, everything else has to lớn be done using four in-out buttons. There’s not the fidelity of input đầu vào you get with a touchscreen.

Here’s where we reach the crux: we’re yet lớn stumble on any watch apps for any platform that single-handedly justify getting hold of a pricey smartwatch. Basic things lượt thích reading notifications, counting your steps and, yup, getting the time are all still the bread & butter of a smartwatch.

There’s more on offer, but the best bits involve piggy-backing off your phone. For example, the Pebble Time Steel will hook up to lớn your thiết bị di động internet connection to pump info into the Pebble TripAdvisor app and let you find out about nearby restaurants.

It’ll vị the same job with your phone’s GPS connection with a run-tracking app like Runkeeper, or a cycling-focused one lượt thích Strava. It can work pretty much like a Garmin Forerunner watch. Not bad for a ‘low-tech’ smartwatch, right?

You have lớn accept that the Pebble Time Steel can’t vì chưng an awful lot on its own, though. It doesn’t have a heart rate sensor, its own GPS, or Wi-Fi to strengthen its connection with your phone. It has công nghệ bluetooth không dây to talk to your phone, an array of motion sensors, and that’s it.

And to lớn an extent it’s up to lớn you to find good uses for the Pebble outside of the basics. Và it might take some effort. One I came up with was using Pebble Movies to kiểm tra out local cinema times, having bought so many tickets on Groupon it’s almost physically impossible khổng lồ use the things before they expire.

Pebble Time Steel verdict

The Pebble Time Steel is very similar to the Pebble Time, far more so than the original Pebble và its classed-up brother the Pebble Steel. We really don’t think this is an essential upgrade, especially if you already own the cheaper version.

However, the extra Gorilla Glass 3 on the front makes it a bit less prone to everyday damage & the bonus battery life means it’ll last for a solid week of proper use, a couple more days than we wringed from the Pebble Time. These tweaked features are enough lớn ensure that the Time Steel is the best Pebble you can buy.

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fashionssories.com Says…

Score: 4/5

A bit too similar lớn the Time for comfort, but still a blissfully easy-to-live with, long-lasting smartwatch.