5 Top Secret To Choose The Right Sweater For Men

5 Top Secret To Choose The Right Sweater For Men

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It is awesome to have sweater in our ward robe because sweater will come in handy not only in cold weather but also when you’re too lazy to think about your style. For example when you are in hurry you can simply wear your sweater and chinos or skinny jeans and you already look stylish.

But the problem is sometimes we didn’t know how to choose the best sweater or how to find the best sweaters which suit our body size. Sometimes we pick sweater which too tight when we wear it, some time it also feel too loose.

I know it because been there and done that. And to share some of the experiences scroll down and take a look at 5 Top Secret to Choose the Right Sweater for Men.

1 Materials


The first thing you need to consider is the materials of your sweater. If you need sweaters for cold weather the I suggest you to choose woolen sweaters to make you feel warm and comfy. But if you only need sweater for Fall season or for going to beach then try to choose sweater with cotton material.

2 Fitting


It kind of obvious but you need to try for every single sweater you want to buy. Don’t just think that your sweater will look good just because you have the same size at home. Because sometimes the sweater you want to buy will have different size due to the materials of the sweater.

3 Size


Most of you will go with tight sweater to look sexy and hot. But did you know that some of the sweater will shrink after you wash them? That is why it is better to choose looser sweater. More over when you want to go with layering outfit for work then it is obvious that you need some space or you will feel suffocated.

4 Good Quality


Including me, I always think it is good to have lot of sweater even though the quality is not that good. But it is wrong, in fact it is much more better to have few sweater with good quality because it is more durable and will not ripped easily.

5 Color


When you want to pick sweater, try to match it with your skin tone. It is because to have best result when you wear them, the sweater and your skin tone can’t be too contrast or else it will look bad on you.

Some advice, try to look for natural fiber sweater instead of synthetic fiber because it will help us to keep the environment getting less damage.

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