6 Tips And Trick in Choosing Sweater for Women

6 Tips And Trick in Choosing Sweater for Women

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Sweater is always awesome in every season, be it in winter, fall or even spring. You can express you style and feeling with you own sweater. More over sweater is so easy to mix match with other outfit. You can go with skinny jeans and sneakers for casual looks. Or you can go with oversized sweater with belt on your waist to add more structure in your outfit.

But today we’re not going to discuss about mix matching sweater with other outfit. Instead we’re gonna discuss about tips and trick on choosing sweater. So without further ado here are 6 Tips And Trick in Choosing Sweater for Women.

1 Mix Match


If you are using oversized sweater then try legging for sexy look. Or you can also try to use belt in your waist to look casual.

2 Layering


If you choose to layer your sweater either with jacket or shirt, try to wear a more fitted outfit to give more structure on your outfit.

3 Footwear

Actually for this trick, you can opt with many kind of shoes. For example you can go with sneakers for casual look. Or you can also go for suede boots and legging to look sexier.

4 Choosing Sweater


When you choose to wear sweater you need to remember the season. For example in winter you can opt with woolen sweater to keep your body warm. As for fall, you can try thinner sweater or you can also wear layering.

5 Buying Sweater

When you want to but sweater, remembered not buy too tight or too loose. First you need to imagine the style when you wear it. For example if you’re fans of layering outfit, try sweater with more space so you’re not suffocated.

6 Color


As for the color, try to pick sweater that match with your skin tone for better look. Or you can also try to see the season you’re wearing the sweater. In spring you can try to opt with colorful sweater. Or if you in fall season, you can choose calmer color like peach.

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