Top 4 Tips and Trick to Choose Printed Pants

Top 4 Tips and Trick to Choose Printed Pants

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What is wrong with bold outfit? Many people didn’t confidence to wear printed outfit especially pants because it is bold outfit. Well ladies just be bold and show the world how stylish you are with printed pants. Printed pants are versatile and can be used in many occasions such as work, hanging with friends etc.

You can also try different color for the combination. You can wear neutral color for your shoes if your pants or top already bold in color or vice versa. But before you are rushing to buy printed pants, take a minutes and scroll down to look at Top 4 Tips and Trick to Choose Printed Pants.

1 Outfit


Actually there are no rules in fashion world about printed pants outfit combination, so just go with whatever makes you comfortable and confidence.

2 Accessories

I’m not saying wearing accessories with printed pants is a no. But you need to minimize the use of accessories because the prints itself make you full of “accessories”.

3 Footwear


Most of outfit combinations with printed pants are full of colors. Therefor you need to wear footwear with neutral color. Not only it will be balancing the color of outfit but also it will make you looks chic.

Unless your outfits combinations are have neutral color, then you are welcome to wear bold color.

3 Body Size

Wearing printed pants also need to see the size of your body. If you have plus size body then it is better if you use horizontal prints. But if you have skinny body then its better if you choose vertical prints.

4 Occasions


Printed Pants have versatile nature. It means printed outfit can be used in almost occasion. All you need is the right combination and some confidence. You can used printed for work outfit together with blazer either the blazer is matching with printed pants or not.

Printed can also be used as pajamas. So if you get pajamas party invitation, then go with printed outfit to look stylish.

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