From heels to sneakers, the discussion of shoes is always become hot topics especially for women. And when we talk about shoes there are long list of shoes that you can choose and long list for styling the shoes. But there is one of shoes that I need to inform you, yup that is oxford shoes.

Sweater is always awesome in every season, be it in winter, fall or even spring. You can express you style and feeling with you own sweater. More over sweater is so easy to mix match with other outfit. You can go with skinny jeans and sneakers for casual looks. Or you can go with oversized sweater with belt on your waist to add more structure in your outfit.

It is awesome to have sweater in our ward robe because sweater will come in handy not only in cold weather but also when you’re too lazy to think about your style. For example when you are in hurry you can simply wear your sweater and chinos or skinny jeans and you already look stylish.

Have you been thinking of changing hair color? Well do consider changing your hair to red color. Why? Because red hair have its own charm, not to mention there lot of style you can try with red hair. For example you can try to wear black colored outfit to enhance your gothic outfit, or you can try simple outfit for stunning and exotic look.

Going to faraway places with your friends, family or loved one and visiting many different places sounds lot of fun. When going to vacation try to use the road. Not only it will help you to see and visit lot of places but also you will have much quality time. Interested? If you do, wait a moment before you book try to scroll down and look at 15 Most Comfy Outfit For Road Trip. It is not only comfy, but also will look stylish and trendy. After all, you must look amazing so you can get the best pictures for your social media.

Sometimes it’s really hard to have an amazing style in cold weather. All option is limited with jacket and sweater to make our body feel warm. Some of us try to style with sweater, some other try to style with layering outfit. Well if you are bored and out of option, why don’t consider to try cropped sweater? Not only it will make your body warm, but it will also make you look sexy and stylish even in cold weather.

Going on road trip is all about fun. But sometimes because the excitement we feel, we forget some important things that we need and must bring on our road trip. When it happened, our road trip will be ruined and our mood will be affected. So you need to take a breath and calm yourself and try to remembered where you going, the weather in there and prepare what you need to bring.

For those who love casual clothes, you must be familiar with flannel. Yup this comfy and stylish clothes is universally accepted for casual and stylish outfit. No matter where you go, be it to work, school or going on vacation flannel will always accompany you and never let you down.

If you want to look stylish and trendy, or look stunning in cold weather then you need to try outfit combination with plaid coat. Not only plaid coat is cool and stylish, but it is also one of the outfits for celebrities like Taylor Swift and Victoria Beckham.

Fall or winter outfits should be stylish and warm. It doesn’t have to neutral color like black, white, grey, or beige. You are pleased to apply colorful outfits for autumn or cold season. Color block coat is one of the must-have outfits for winter or fall. Check out these ideas below for further inspiration!