Into the Night is a sci-fi thriller series bringing back all of its original cast members from the first season. The series is created by Jason George. The second season has6 episodes, each around 35 minutes long. The series stars Pauline Etienne, Laurent Capelluto & Mehmet Kurtulus in lead roles, among others.

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– Into the Night season 2 nhận xét does not contain spoilers –

I remember being all high praise for Into the Night, the first season of which came out in 2020. The series had great acting, a tight story & an enemy as unseen và unforeseen as we faced when the series initially came out. Thus, Into the Night season 2 came with a lot of hopes và expectations.

Now, Into the Night season 2 starts with an introductory episode that familiarizes us with what our key players from last season are doing. If you remember, Into the Night left our survivors at a military bunker in the last season, giving us hope that these people are going lớn be doing fine and will find a solution to a bright and dangerous problem.

We see everyone, & some new people, living their lives in the bunker. They’ve formed new bonds over time và the entire first episode is dedicated to learning what each of the original survivors is doing.

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However, the sun isn’t the only problem in this season. Into the Night season 2 comes with difficulties that come with staying in a small space together, all the more so when there’s death at the door.

However, unfortunately for Into the Night season 2, the smash-hit, and one of my favourites from last year, does not pack as many punches as last time. Listen, being in a tight space like an aeroplane & escaping the sun makes for amazing TV and the series had done a wonderful job at portraying the horror and helplessness of the passengers through a tight script và some amazing acting.

However, a bigger space to lớn play around makes Into the Night 2 not as immediate. If anything, it loses its touch so much that there are large chunks of the series that are absolutely boring. For example, we spend such an extraordinary amount of time trying khổng lồ get Dominik and Zara out. It’s unnecessary and does nothing but pad the runtime.


In the last season, I distinctly remember feeling this connection with the characters. Whether it was during the apocalypse, or before everything went lớn hell, the arrangements, the way we met the characters, and slowly but steadily got to lớn know them was absolutely amazing. By the kết thúc of it, I was hopeful, heartbroken and scared for our protagonists. However, that relatability aspect is missing majorly from Into the Night season 2.

Thus, even when tragedy strikes and the worst befalls on the survivors, we still don’t feel anything for them. If anything, we sit & wait for the next best thing without much care for who or what is in front of us. We just want to lớn relate to someone again.

Into the Night season 2, however, follows the timing & arrangement of its predecessors. There are cliffhangers at the over of almost every episode which will keep you watching till the end. Props again, because, like the first season, you have 6 episodes, around 35 minutes each. It’s good for an easy-breezy binging experience.

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Summing up: Into the Night season 2


Into the Night season 2 does not have the charms of the first season. That is, thus, is problematic khổng lồ feel relatable and love for the season that we have been waiting for so long. That being said, it’s binge-worthy & if you want to know what happened to lớn the survivors in the previous episode.

Into the Night season 2 is streaming on Netflix.

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