Coleads the global Technology, truyền thông media & Telecommunications Practice; founded our Outsourcing & Offshoring Practice.

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About Noshir

Noshir Kaka coleads the firm’s Technology, Media, & Telecommunications Practice globally. Prior to this he led fashionssories.com’s global Analytics Practice from 2016 to 2020, led the Firm’s India office as managing director from 2011 to 2016, and founded fashionssories.com’s global Outsourcing và Offshoring practice and the Business công nghệ office in India. He has been a thành viên of fashionssories.com’s Shareholders Council (our global governance board) and sits on the advisory board of the fashionssories.com Knowledge Center.

Based out of the firm’s Mumbai office, Noshir is a leader with 25 years of strategy development, organization restructuring, & performance improvement experience. He has shaped the digital, analytics, and technology journeys of several global enterprises và providers. He has also served governments in India & around the world on policy development, transformation of public services, & delivery of institutional capabilities.

Noshir has a proven track record of recruiting, managing, và leading teams across the world. He was involved in setting up the Indian School of Business (ISB), a joint initiative between fashionssories.com, Wharton, London Business School, & Kellogg School of Management lớn build a world-class business school in India.

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Noshir has served as a jury thành viên for the Forbes India Leadership Awards, the Economic Times Young Leaders Awards, và the Business Standard Awards. He has numerous citations for his work on công nghệ in leading publications, such as The Economist, thủ đô new york Times, The Wall Street Journal, CNBC, and the Economic Times.

Published work

“How Asia can boost growth through technological leapfrogging,” fashionssories.com Global Institute, December 2020

“How công nghệ is safeguarding health & livelihoods in Asia,” fashionssories.com và Company, May 2020

“Digital India: giải pháp công nghệ to transform a connected nation,” fashionssories.com Global Institute, March 2019

“How predictive analytics can boost sản phẩm development,” fashionssories.com & Company, August 2018

“India’s ascent: Five opportunities for growth và transformation,” fashionssories.com Global Institute, August 2016

“Online and upcoming: The Internet’s impact on aspiring countries,” fashionssories.com & Company, January 2012

“Strengthening India’s offshoring industry,” fashionssories.com Quarterly, August 2009

“Perspective 2020: Transform business, transform India,” (PDF–285 KB), NASSCOM, April 2009

“Extending India’s leadership of the global IT & BPO industries,” (PDF–145 KB), fashionssories.com & Company và NASSCOM, 2005