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Kamen Rider Ex-Aid Episode 14- "We"re Kamen Rider!" Discussion
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Man, I hope we can continue to expect that kind of fight choreography from the Mighty Brothers as time goes on. Very Mario & Luigi. It kind of makes me sad scans and stuff have implied they"ll get two Keyslashers at some point, because passing the weapon between them was one of the best parts of that fight.Also, dang, you guys weren"t kidding about that being a complicated rider kick. They even recombined into Level X at one point!The way they handled Lazer in the opening was bizarre. Kinda makes it seem like maybe someone will take over for Kiriya at some point after all.


Holy hell. I"ve been meaning to comment on how much I love Ex-Aid every week, but jesus. This is a whole "nother level. Ex-Aid surprises me every week. It seems to get exponentially better.That"s how you do an upgrade form. I can"t think of any other upgrade debut that"s as plot relevant and, well, emotionally effective as this. It means something huge to the plot and has affected the characters in a big way, in complete spite of its literal summoned-from-nowhere origin that most Rider seasons are very lazy with. Frankly I expected Mighty Brothers XX to just be a Gashat Dan was making that just happened to be themed after Ex-Aid, which Emu ends up getting his hands on through shenanigans. Basically Grateful. So it really surprised me how it was executed.Speaking of the characters, all of them shined in this episode. Emu broke the protagonist mold by outright proclaiming himself confident while not being a badass who"s good at everything. Hiiro took action for the sake of the patient, not without some manipulation(!) from Emu. Taiga took action to get some goddamn answers, and actually got them straight-up, something that doesn"t occur often in Rider. Things happen for real reasons and I love it.Yuya Takahashi utilizes Bandai"s toys as tools, rather than maneuvering around them as obstacles like most Rider shows do. Something that"s easy to see how to do when you"re watching, but apparently not so much when you"re writing.Ex-Aid"s creating some very interesting questions that don"t have straight or predictable answers. Why does Emu have the Bugster virus? Most likely he was given it during that surgery when he was young, but in what way? Is he the progenitor, just a plain old Bugster, a unique case? It seems his personality is dictated by the virus - what does this mean for his personality as a whole? Will his personality get modified throughout the show? And with how well Double Action was handled, how will Emu get his upcoming mid-season upgrade and final forms?There"s some things here and there that are threatening to be fumbled, like Dan"s motivations, and there"s always the question of stretching the plot out into 48-ish episodes. I think with Dan, Ex-Aid might be bold enough to make him just terrifyingly insane, and not in a nebulous kinda "insane evil!" way like Banno or somebody, but literally insane.Here"s to hoping Ex-Aid can stay this good and end with a bang.

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