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Funnyman Rowan Atkinson, most notably known for his wild và hilarious antics as the British sitcom character Mr. Bean, & his then-wife, actress và makeup artist Sunetra Sastry, welcomed their first child, Benjamin Atkinson, in the early 1990s. Some years later, in 1995, the couple went on lớn have another child, this time a daughter, Lily Atkinson. 

Although the pair had two kids together & remained married for over two decades, The Telegraph reported that they were estranged for some time. Eventually, the duo split up due to lớn Atkinson"s "unreasonable behaviour" after beginning a relationship with Louise Ford, a 32-year-old actress. According lớn The Telegraph, their 24-year marriage came lớn a swift end with a mere 65-second proceeding at the Central Family Court.

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While Lily Atkinson may be best known for her famous parents, there"s a lot more to lớn her story — especially as she"s grown up và began an incredibly interesting career of her own. Here"s everything you need to know.

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When Lily was brought into the world, her father"s television series, Mr. Bean, was just coming lớn an end. His career, however, was far from over. According to Atkinson"s biography, the series was adapted into a film, Bean: the Ultimate Disaster Movie, in 1997, when Lily was a toddler. Atkinson reprised his role as Mr. Bean again in Mr. Bean"s Holiday in 2007, when Lily was a pre-teen. Lily"s father, however, was far more than just a bit part in a blip of British history. 

" is hugely popular internationally," Michael Parkinson said when interviewing Atkinson for BBC. "It is bizarre actually," Atkinson responded with a laugh, "It"s something that I try not to think about very much because, actually, if I ever do, you know, stop & dwell on how well known my face is in so many obscure corners of the world, that I think I would find it rather disturbing." Now, just imagine if that were your very own father.


Given that both of Lily"s parents work in the industry, it may come as no surprise lớn you that Lily decided khổng lồ join show business when she was still just a kid. In 2004, she took her very first role as "New Recruit" in the movie Tooth, which, according khổng lồ IMDb, tells the story of a young Tooth Fairy who has lost her ability to lớn use magic. The film is partly a feel-good children"s movie and also a Christmas film, since Mrs. Claus ends up being the one person who can help restore the fairy"s magic.

Although her dad likely would"ve been able to lớn pull some strings in Hollywood lớn get his daughter the lead part, it is pretty awesome that Lily started out the same as many other young — and even some not so young — actors & actresses: with a nameless, small role in a not-so-well known film. 


With her first film under her belt, Lily teamed up with her dad some three years later in Mr. Bean"s Holiday. This time, she earned herself a spot a little higher up on the hotline sheet as "Lily at the Stereo." No doubt Lily could learn a lot from acting beside her famous father. In 2011, Lily went on to lớn act with her dad once more in Johnny English.

Despite having the chất lượng opportunity khổng lồ work with his daughter on the big screen, Atkinson revealed that he was happy to put Mr. Bean to rest after years of playing the silly character. In an interview with 20 Minuten, Atkinson admitted that he has a love-hate relationship with his character and that, at least sometimes, it"s frustrating khổng lồ be known for just one role. "More people call me Mr. Bean than they gọi me Mr. Atkinson in real life, which is a shame, but that"s the nature of show business," he said candidly. 

As Johnny English was Lily"s last film, she wouldn"t ever have khổng lồ worry about being known as anything other than Lily Atkinson.

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When Lily attended the premiere of Johnny English with her parents in 2011, one thing was apparent: she was starting to lớn look much more like her mother than her father. It seems the Mr. Bean ren is recessive. At 16 years old, the actress strutted the red carpet in a super short dark shift dress with leopard print heeled booties, large hoop earrings, and purposefully messy và flowing balayage locks. 

In the years since confidently rocking the red carpet, the promising young star decided khổng lồ stay out of the public eye, according to news.com.au. Much lượt thích her father, Lily seems khổng lồ keep her personal life, well, personal. It wasn"t until 2014, about three years after the big London premiere, that a photo of Lily would surface. She was pictured alive và well, attending the UK-based event, Goodward Festival, with her royal friend, Charles Lord Settrington, the son of the Earl of March.

Lily may have given up her Hollywood career, but she didn"t part ways with entertainment in its entirety. Instead, she decided to lớn pursue cabaret. Although cabaret began back in Paris in the nineteenth century, European cabaret has changed somewhat since its early days. Now, it can include anything from comedy skits to burlesque performances. As The Cabaret explained: "Today, cabaret is its own, identifiable art form, distinctive from musical theatre, nightclub singing, or a concert." The must-haves are fairly simple: a performer, a cozy setting, and an intimate audience seated near the stage.

If you"re one khổng lồ get stage fright, this can sound like a daunting experience. Nevertheless, Lily went on khổng lồ slay her first big cabaret performance at The Pheasantry, a well-known supper club in London. "This is my first cabaret show," she informed the audience. "This is my first time I"ve been dressed this small," she joked, "And I"m very excited." It may have been her first time, but it wouldn"t be her last.

Although you may think cabaret shows and Mr. Bean skits have nothing in common, they"re not as different as they appear. Before Lily"s father created the role of Mr. Bean, he began writing sketches, performing at theater clubs, and even on comedy radio shows. By 1981, Atkinson had become the youngest performer ever lớn star in a one-man show in London"s West End, according khổng lồ his biography.

How proud he must be that his daughter, after selling out The Pheasantry và getting rave reviews, starred in her very own one-woman West end cabaret two-night show called Lily. The show featured some of the star"s original songs with the accompaniment of a live band.

"Vocally, I am better than I have ever been; physically, mentally — it"s the hardest I have ever worked on a gig," Lily told My Theatre Mates. She added, "I have just challenged myself in every possible way, and taken risks." Bravissimo, Lily!

Although things were going well in Lily"s professional life, it"s possible that her family life took a hit. Not very long after the news of her father"s relationship with Louise Ford made its rounds and her parents" subsequent divorce, Lily went AWOL from social media. The Daily Mail reported that she deleted over two years" worth of photos on Instagram. On Twitter, Lily"s name is also no longer Lily Atkinson but Lili Sastry. Hmm. Does this mean she và her dad are on the outs?

Lily"s spokesman did not say why she"s decided khổng lồ use her mother"s maiden name these days, but did put the rumors to rest by telling the publication: "There is no truth in the idea that Rowan and Lily have fallen out." Could it be that Lily just wanted khổng lồ change things up? Is it possible she thought "Lili Sastry" would make a better name for a sultry-singing cabaret artist? Your guess is as good as ours.

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In November 2017, a source allegedly told Sunday People (via Metro) that Atkinson and Ford were expecting to have their first child in a matter of weeks. "Rowan & Louise are over the moon," the source revealed, "and can"t wait for their new arrival. It"s a very happy time for them both."

Adding further proof to lớn the baby bump speculation, The Daily Mail also published a photo of the very pregnant Ford clad in a polkadot maternity blouse và gray knit sweater. By December 2017, Ford was spotted pushing a stroller — leading to the obvious conclusion that she and Atkinson officially welcomed home their first child together. If the situation is as it appears, Atkinson would"ve been 62 years old at the time of his third child"s birth. That, of course, also means Lily, at the age of 21, became a big sister for the first time. Neither Atkinson nor Ford have commented on their assumed new addition, but we can only hope that everything is all good for the Atkinson, Ford, and Sastry families.