Liverpool 4, Man City 3 Highlights

And that’s that! đô thị go vị trí cao nhất of the Premier League, at least for a couple of hours, with a five-goal skelping of Liverpool. They were already leading when Sadio Mane clattered into Ederson và received his marching orders; the game was only heading one way after that. Kevin De Bruyne, Gabriel Jesus, Leroy Sane và Benjamin Mendy were magnificent. & Ederson is back on the touchline, with a plaster on his jaw but otherwise looking healthy, which is the most important thing of all.

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Scrub that! There’s time for Sane khổng lồ pick up possession just to the right of the Liverpool D. He takes a touch và curls one into the top left! A beauty, & this is now officially a rout.


90 min: Everyone would be happy to lớn hear the final whistle now, if the keep-ball going on in the middle of the park is anything to go by. That’ll be sounded in two minutes’ time.

88 min: De Bruyne, quarterbacking from deep, slides a pass down the inside-left channel for Sane, who crosses low. Aguero slides lớn meet the ball at the far post, & guides it goalwards, but Mignolet spreads himself lớn save well.

86 min: Solanke sprays a fine ball down the right for Henderson khổng lồ chase. Out comes Bravo to smother. Henderson thought about going in for the 50-50, but opted out of the challenge, understandably so in the circumstances.

85 min: Sane comes straight through the back of Moreno. Not sure how he’s escaped a booking for that, but it’s just a wee chat.

84 min: 4-0’s Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain has a run down the left. It doesn’t lead to much. Liverpool have had no outlet in this second half. Was it such a good idea to lớn take Mo Salah off?

83 min: Fernandinho curls in a cross from the right. Can tries to lớn trap it with his buttocks, perhaps not the wisest idea. The ball clanks to Aguero, who turns Can on the outside and smacks a shot into the side netting on the right.

79 min: More keep ball from City, whose fans are now in các buổi party Mode. Penny for erstwhile Arsenal player Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain’s thoughts, now facing two 4-0 defeats in a row with different clubs. If not something even worse.

This had been coming. Another powerful run by Mendy down the left, và another peach of a cross. He slips it inside lớn Sane, who fires a first-time effort into the bottom left. Mignolet was beaten at his near post, though in truth he’d have done very well to stop that crisp shot, with Liverpool all over the siêu thị at the back.


74 min: Mendy is rampant right now. He strides again down the left và Henderson does very well to swivel & hoick his cross away while standing in front of goal. The away fans are making the most noise right now, as supporters so often vày when their team are in an awful pickle like this.

72 min: A brilliant reaction save by Mignolet, from his own player! Mendy whips a low cross in from the left. Matip hangs out a leg, and the ball flashes towards the bottom left. Mignolet does very well indeed khổng lồ keep the effort, such as it is, out with a strong arm.

69 min: Solanke’s first contribution is to win the ball in midfield with some determined scrambling. He sets Milner off down the right. Milner is clipped by Danilo, & is happy khổng lồ sit on the turf awhile, running down the clock. The resulting không tính tiền kick comes to naught.

68 min: Alexander-Arnold is forced to tap out for a corner under pressure from Mendy, pressing hard down the left. From the set piece, Silva & Sane nearly open Liverpool up with some pretty quick-fire passing down the wing, but the offside flag goes up after a crisp one-two.

67 min: Firmino hasn’t stopped chasing, despite the desperate situation Liverpool find themselves in. But his race is run: he’s replaced by Dominic Solanke.

65 min: But suddenly city spring into life, Sane turning on the jets out on the left. He pulls back a cross for De Bruyne, who, breaking news, finally does something that isn’t superb! He leans back & blooters a shot miles over the bar, with the goal at his mercy.

64 min: City with more of the sterile keep-ball. Liverpool will take this, in the hope of avoiding a cricket-score thrashing. Meanwhile here’s Rory Craig again: “After letting myself calm down, & confirming that my unbridled bias towards the Reds got the better of me, that probably was a red thẻ really. But it might not have been. I don’t know. Hardly matters, we probably would have still lost.”

62 min: thành phố play a bit of keep ball in the middle of the park. Walker threatens to lớn break free down the right but Klavan just about manages khổng lồ keep him away from the danger zone.

58 min: James Milner comes on for Georginio Wijnaldum. The city fans give their former player the bird. Always time for a bit of panto in the Premier League.

57 min: The brilliant Gabriel Jesus, who has scored two và had another goal disallowed, won’t be getting his hat-trick. He’s replaced by Leroy Sane.

56 min: ... Some intricate triangulation which releases Mendy into space. He rolls a ball across the six-yard box, with Jesus again hovering. Mignolet smothers. Yes, Liverpool have to lớn watch themselves here.

55 min: This could get embarrassing for Liverpool. David Silva slips a pass down the left for Mendy, who hooks towards the near post, where Jesus lurks. The ball’s deflected out for a corner by Klavan. Và from the phối piece...

City have the ball in the net again, và it’s another disallowed goal, Aguero clipping a right-wing cross trang chủ but from an offside position. No matter! Seconds later, they intercept a Liverpool hoof upfield. Fernandinho slides a pass down the middle, splitting Liverpool’s new back three, and Aguero is away! He unselfishly passes lớn Jesus on his left, & the young man finishes with Mignolet utterly stranded!


50 min: Firmino has a couple of runs at the city back line, clearly not of a mind lớn let this one go yet. The second earns a corner down the right, from which ...

48 min: All a bit quiet at the Etihad, however, with a general sense that this is pretty much over, unless Otamendi, for example, manages to lớn get himself sent off. Meanwhile in the interests of balance, which everyone loves on the internet, here’s Rory Craig: “Yes, Mané’s boot is high, but is he not allowed challenge for the ball? Calling the keeper defenceless is a bit of an overstatement I think; his half-hearted challenge for the ball put himself in more danger than if he had dived for it, but that’s just from my view of the challenge.”

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46 min: Gary Neville is still standing his ground, incidentally, in his belief that the Mane-Ederson incident was unfortunate, but just a yellow. I guess we’ll be hearing more of it. People like talking points, huh? Adults with differing points of view? Still, how football has changed. This wasn’t even a không tính phí kick!

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Here we go again, then! and what a moment for Alex-Oxlade Chamberlain to make his Liverpool debut, as he comes on for Mo Salah. The home side get the ball rolling for the second half.

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Hats off to lớn Jon Moss. Because, yes, that’s a red card. On first viewing, it looked an innocent coming together. But Sky have run a few other angles, & while Mane was clearly fixated on controlling the ball, he had his boot recklessly high, & poor Ederson paid the price. Plenty of you agree...

Peter Van: “Mané doesn’t intend to harm Ederson, but he lunges recklessly into a defenseless opponent. You might argue he doesn’t know Ederson is there, but that’s just not true; the way he extends his leg lets you know he is aware of the keeper’s presence. He didn’t intend khổng lồ harm Ederson, but he did not vì all he could lớn avoid a clash that might have - did have - dreadful consequences. It should be a red.”

Leo Carroll: “It’s disingenuous lớn suggest Mane didn’t know the keeper would be there or thereabouts, so at best he was reckless putting his foot that high in that situation, and people tend lớn forget about peripheral vision when they talk about whether a player has his eye on the ball or not. Players at that level know where the ball is và where other players are around them. So in short, it was a red, & an easy one.”

Matthew Wheythorpe: “I’ve never seen a clearer red card.”

Lorraine Berry: “On NBC, they have shown an angle that shows Mane’s boot catching Ederson in the chin with a very high boot. Regardless of whether Mane saw him, his boot head high has khổng lồ be dangerous play. I think the red was justified.”