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How khổng lồ set your tuy vậy your ringtone on your oppo F1?

Are you tired of hearing the same ringtone for calls & texts all the time? vì chưng you want more cheerfulness when you hear your oppo F1 ringing và it more meets your expectations? Then this article is made for you since we offer you an article on personalization of the ringtones of your oppo F1. We will explain to you first, how lớn set music as ringtone, then music as SMS ringtone, second, mix different ringtone in order to lớn identify liên hệ more easily, third, và third-party audio cutting apps.

How khổng lồ set your music as a ringtone on your oppo F1?

It is true that it is more pleasant lớn hear your favorite music ringing on an incoming gọi than the banal music initially installed on your oppo F1 và which becomes boring when you hear it.

Therefore, we will explain here how set your music as a ringtone on your điện thoại oppo F1. First, go lớn your device settings where you will select the “Device” section. From there, you just have lớn click on “Sounds” và then finally on “Ringtone”. You have finally arrived at the modification of the ringtone of your oppo F1. A window will appear in front of your eyes where you will only have lớn press “Media storage”, ie the place where all your music is stored.

Among all your music, select one, the one you obviously prefer. It will be read briefly lớn give you an overview when it becomes your ringtone.

Click “Save” then it"s done. You can ask one of your friends to call you to lớn hear the result of the music chosen as a ringtone on your oppo F1.


How to set a music as a ringtone for an SMS on your oppo F1?

It is likely that you receive daily text messages from your friends or family.

Continuously hearing the ringtone for SMS initially installed & chosen for you, can become unbearable.

It is therefore possible to customize ringtone on your oppo F1 when you receive a text message.

First, go to lớn the “Messages” application và then click on “Menu” which is characterized by three vertically aligned dots. Once here, go to lớn the “Settings” section and click on “Select ringtone”. Finally, all you have to do is choose your favorite ringtone, different from the one assigned lớn calls so as not to lớn be confused.

You will have the opportunity to listen to lớn a short extract to lớn see the result. Click “OK” or “Save” và you"re done. You can ask a friend khổng lồ send you an SMS khổng lồ listen if the ringtone matches your expectations or not.


How lớn set a tuy nhiên your ringtone for a contact on your oppo F1?

One day you may want to identify a particular liên hệ by a different ringtone from the other contacts in your directory.

It is possible và simple khổng lồ do.

Start by going khổng lồ the liên hệ card you want lớn modify.

Then press the key at the bottom left of your smarphone oppo F1 where you will see a small window offering several options.

Then, click on “Set Ringtone” where you just have to choose the ringtone you want khổng lồ assign to your contact. The các mục of ringtones initially installed will be displayed và you will only have to lớn choose.

You also have the option of choosing the ringtone among the songs and sounds available on your oppo F1. Therefore, press “Add ringtone” and then select the ringtone you want to lớn assign to lớn your contact. It"s over. From now on, your contact has a different ringtone from the rest of your contacts.

Using third-party audio trimming applications on your điện thoại oppo F1

In this paragraph we will not tell you which applications will allow you lớn find different ringtones.

We will instead explain khổng lồ you that it is possible to select the favorite part of the music you want lớn set as the ringtone on your smarphone oppo F1 using applications.

Just go lớn Google Play Store & type “Ringtone Maker” in the tìm kiếm bar.

You will find a wide choice of applications offering several features.

Carefully read the descriptions of these applications as well as the user ratings and reviews, which are very important for the choice of the application. In addition, be careful because some applications are không tính phí while others are paid.

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If you have any concerns, bởi not hesitate to lớn go to a specialist who will be able to lớn advise và help you.