Laneige Two Tone Tint Lip Bar Review

I"m a fan hâm mộ of both the original satin/creme formula, as well as the more balmy và glossy Tint formula, because both boast intensely vibrant colors in a fun format for creating ombre lips. But I"m obviously excited about the launch of a matte series since this is by far my favorite texture.

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The Two Tone Matte Bars come in gorgeous pink matte-chrome tubes but the lipsticks themselves have the same slanted cut as the original Two Tone Lip Bars.
I received shades 5 to 10 for swatching, và I"ll say these are a satiny-matte, not a flat-matte. They go on smoothly & relatively shine-free on the lips, even though the wrist swatches look creamy due lớn the bright lights.

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They are very comfortable to wear, & as always, I personally prefer smooshing the colors together for a uniform shade most of the time. This line of mattes is also easy to wear sheer. Simply swipe around the middle of your lips và tap outward with a clean finger lớn blend and spread.Below are the shades you get when both colors in the tube are blended together.5 - papaya coral6 - deep cherry red7 - tangerine orange8 - salmon pink9 - bright coral10 - brown with a hint of pink undertonesIf you"re a fan hâm mộ of the original & Tint formulas, I highly suggest checking out the mattes as well since this is a texture that"s totally on trend right now.
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