Moonlight drawn by clouds releases musical 1st teaser

"Moonlight Drawn by Clouds" is a drama starring talented & adorable actor Park Bo-gum & gorgeous actress Kim Yoo-jung that everyone's been hooked on lately. The coming-of-age story và youth romance drama set in the 19th century Joseon Dynasty is filmed in locations all over Korea, và we've got all the information you need about them!
The tree that Yoon-sung brought Ra-on lớn rest on in the drama is located here, & it is also the background of the dancing concubine girls.

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The viral teaser for the drama with Park Bo-gum showing off his "bombastic dance" with his eunuchs while wearing 'Hanbok' - Korean traditional clothing, was filmed here in the courtyard.
In Episode 2 when Premier Klặng hosts a feast và Ra-on is sent lớn catch the chickens, she falls off the roof of this house into lớn Yoon-sung's arms.
Erected in 1410, the bamboo forests in this shrine hóa trang the background of several of the scenes in the drama.
This is the garden where Byung-yeon was studying with his teacher và gets caught reading his pre-written answers.

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With crepe myrtle trees abundant in this area, Ra-on pretends to lớn be a man as she goes to meet Byung-yeon in Episode 2.