Sony Bravia Kdl

Screen size 42 Inches
Connectivity giải pháp công nghệ HDMI
Brand Sony
Resolution 1080p
Display technology LCD
Refresh Rate 60 Hz
màu sắc đen
thành phầm Weight 63 Pounds
Speaker Type Subwoofer
Tuner giải pháp công nghệ NTSC, QAM, ATSC

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About this thắng lợi 16:9 Full HD 1080p Resolution (1920x1080p) LCD Panel DMex ¿ compatible; allows seamless feature upgrades BRAVIA Sync¿ (HDMI-CEC) Enhanced XMB¿ with 3 chiều graphics incl. TV Guide HDMI¿ x4, HD Component x2, PC input đầu vào › See more hàng hóa details
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If you"re buying your first HDTV or are moving up from an existing 720p/i HDTV lớn a 1080p, definitely look at the Sony V series và up. Sony simply destroys the competition.1. Spent 3 hours at a retail store looking at all TVs from 720p lớn 1080p. Sony was easily better than all other brands - Samsung, Toshiba, LG and others. The sharpness and delineation in landscape with both darks & lights - as in cliffs by the ocean or a snowy area - are crisper on the Sonys.2. My budget was $1000. Ordered the Bravia 42V4100 for $1042 from (minus $75 coupons) for what I would have paid for a 40" at the store, on Saturday Dec 20.3. ETA was Dec 30. Arrived ahead of time through CEVA. I tracked the package online and as soon as it arrived in L.A. On Dec 24, I called CEVA. The polite lady scheduled delivery for Friday 26th. The CEVA driver called at 11 am và said he was arriving at my house. He did a trắng glove delivery - arrived on schedule, was courteous, carried the TV carton on his shoulder to my bedroom, và installed the TV on its stand with a philips screwdriver.4. I hooked the TV khổng lồ my Time Warner HDTV cable box via component cables.5. The picture blew me away. Make sure "Picture" is set lớn Vivid. I cycled through all of TimeWarner"s 40 available HD channels and saved them khổng lồ a favorites folder so I wouldn"t have to lớn look at non HD channels.6. The picture is vibrant, bright, crystal clear sharp. Skin & hair are outstanding in texture. Text is simply breathtaking. You will not want khổng lồ look at non HD channels at all since they appear archaic and pixelated. The TV itself is sexy - excellent unique of material and looks. The factory presets are very good. HD broadcasts will automatically play in the "Full" wide setting.7. Best channels to lớn evaluate the clarity & sharpness are HD Theater & Food Network HD, owing lớn closeups, and ESPNHD và DiscoveryHD for motion.8. The sound is surprisingly good on it"s own, though I hooked the TV to my 650W mini component sterero system. (If like me you don"t have a home theater audio system, it"s really simple to lớn play your TV through your stereo. Use an RCA audio cable - 2 pins on either over - & connect the TV"s Audio Out L & R terminals to lớn your stereo"s Aux/CDR IN L và R terminals. Then nguồn on your stereo with the Aux button on the stereo remote. This thiết lập totally enhances the listening experience và you catch nuances which you would otherwise miss).9. My HDMI cables arrived the next day and I connected the HDMI Out on the cable box to the HDMI In on the Bravia. I left the component cables connected lớn compare with the HDMI quality. Both are exactly identical in picture chất lượng to the naked eye, though sound may be just a little better through the HDMI connection. You can cycle between Component and HDMI using the input đầu vào button on the TV"s remote.10. DVDs look great on this TV even though they are usually 4:3 và 480p recordings. For such DVDs set the Wide setting on the TV khổng lồ Wide Zoom. 16:9 DVDs should be seen in the Wide Zoom or Full setting.11. There are plenty of input and output terminals at the back và side, so all your other gadgets including a computer will easily connect khổng lồ this TV without having to switch one out for the other.What Bravia series should you buy?This TV has a 60Hz refresh rate as compared khổng lồ 120 Hz on the W, Z & XBR series and 240 Hz on the just released ones. If you are very particular about absolute motion clarity, you may notice some blurring on camera pans or in fast motion in sports and wildlife on this TV. I"m a videographer và editor, so I notice these things. Most people won"t, or won"t care. If money is no bar, get the 120 Hz or 240 Hz Bravias.What form size should you buy?My bedroom is 15X15 and the 42" is just right. If you"re buying for a larger bedroom or a living room, go with 46" & up. Again if money is no bar, get the biggest you can.If money is a constraint, remember this:- You may pay a little bit more for a Sony or for a 52"/46"/42" vs a 37"/32"/27", but this is a longish term investment.- bởi vì not buy a 720p/i since cable và sat transmissions are in 1080i. Buy a 1080p and the largest kích thước you can get, và cut back on food, coffee, & gasoline for a few weeks.- If in a quandry, go this route: You"re way better off buying a smaller 1080p TV than a large 720p TV. 1080p is a must. The rest is up to lớn you.- công nghệ is changing very fast và prices keep falling. You might be better off saving on size and Hz but getting a 1080p. If lượt thích me you get a 42" 1080p 60Hz TV for a grand, you"ll feel less guilty upgrading in the future than if you had spent $2000 or more on a 55" 1080p 120Hz TV. Very soon 120Hz TVs will pale in comparison to newer faster TVs.So, for this TV: The theater like experience is hypnotic, especially when watching stuff lượt thích Planet Earth. Feels lượt thích one"s in the Serengeti or inside an aquarium. Sports, cars, concerts, và beautiful women (people) are great to lớn watch. I never used khổng lồ watch the Food Network, but on this TV food looks exquisite. My DVDs also look great on this TV. My DVD player is a Sony as well (DVP-NC800H) và it upconverts 420p DVDs to lớn 1080p.Good luck!