21+ Cấu Trúc Viết Lại Câu Trong Tiếng Anh Thường Gặp

Viết lại câu là trong số những dạng bài tập thường gặp trong các bài thi giờ đồng hồ Anh. Bài viết này, thpt Sóc Trăng đang liệt kê những cấu trúc viết lại câu hay gặp để các bạn tham khảo. Tiếp sau đây mời các bạn tải về để xem trọn bộ cấu tạo viết lại câu tiếng Anh hay gặp mặt nhất.

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Trọn bộ công thức viết lại câu tiếng Anh xuất xắc gặp


Bạn đã xem: Trọn bộ bí quyết viết lại câu giờ đồng hồ Anh giỏi gặp


Ex: Because she behaves well, everybody loves her. Because of her good behaviour, everybody loves her.

Because of his bad behavior, he must be punished. As he behaved badly, he must be punished.



Ex: Although it rains, we go to school on time. Despite/ In spite of the rain, we go to school on time.

Despite the noise, we continued to lớn study our lessons. Though it was very noisy, we continued to study our lessons.



Ex: The film was so good that I saw it three times. It was such a good film that I saw it three times.

It is such a bad book that nobody reads it. This book is so bad that nobody reads it.



Ex: Mary is too young lớn get married. Mary isn’t old enough lớn get married.

The tea was not cool enough for her to lớn drink. The tea was too hot for her lớn drink.



Ex: This raincoat is so small that she can’t wear it. This raincoat is too small for her to wear.

It was such an interesting novel that I read it many times. The novel was interesting enough for me to read many times.

This question is easy enough for us to lớn answer. This question is so easy that we can answer.

The box was too heavy for the child khổng lồ carry. It was such a heavy box that the child couldn’t carry it.



Ex: khổng lồ live on my salary must be hard. I find it hard to live on my salary.

MODEL 7 (Câu điều kiện)


Note: Clause 1 + so + clause 2 If + clause 1 … , clause 2

Clause 1 + because + clause 2 If + clause2 … , clause1

Ex: He can’t bởi the demo because it is too difficult. If the chạy thử weren’t too difficult, he could do it.

I didn’t eat anything so I was hungry. I wouldn’t have been hungry if I had eaten something.


cấu trúc If …not


Note: ko được chuyển đổi loại điều kiện, chỉ đổi khác loại điều kiện đã cho.

Ex: Unless it rains, we will go to lớn the movies. (loại 1) If it doesn’t rain, we will go to the movies. (loại 1)

If they didn’t attend class regularly, they couldn’t understand the lesson. (loại 2)

Unless they attended class regularly, they couldn’t understand the lesson. (loại 2)



Ex: Tom và Mary have been married for five years. It is five years since Tom & Mary were married.

I haven’t seen my father for one month. It’s one month since I last saw my father.

MODEL 10 (Câu ao ước)


Ex: She won’t visit me again. I wish she would visit me again.

My wife can’t speak French. I wish my wife could speak French.

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What a pity you failed in your driving test. I wish you hadn’t failed in your drivingtest.