Willis meehan và leamy tato

Willis Meehan, son of former world heavyweight title challenger Kali Meehan, is back in the ring next month. But the New Zealander remains infamous for one particular fight.

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Meehan moved lớn 4-0 with ease in October 2015, but his win over Leamy Lakopo Tato went viral because the one-sided bout ended.

The heavyweight was in complete control of the Trusts Arena contest throughout. By the second round, & was teeing off on Tato at will.

Southpaw Meehan then unleashed an almighty combination of shots, all to lớn the head, & referee David Craig seemed lớn freeze on the spot.

Following three or four more massive punches, Meehan turned to lớn Craig angrily & stated: ‘Stop the f***ing fight’ – just as the official finally put Tato out of his misery.

As Tato stumbled across the ring, Meehan sportingly embraced his opponent as a blood-splattered camera followed the pair.

The up and comer then proceeded to lớn give the ref another verbal bashing.

Former rugby player Willis, 25, battles Hunter Sam on March 4th. The sự kiện takes place at The Melbourne Pavilion in Flemington.

Father Kali, who retired after fighting on that same bill as Willis, had a 42-6 career as a professional.

Ironically, Kali fought Hunter Sam himself in a 2014 Super 8 Tournament over three rounds. He won via a split decision.


Regarding Tato, the Wellington man never fought in a boxing ring again. Nicknamed ‘Lethal’ during his career, Tato was far from it.

His one solitary victory came against 0-1 Ben Naqasima on his debut in 2009. Just four fights followed over the next six years.

Every single one was a defeat. Tato held an identical record of 1-4 in kickboxing and was 2-4 in MMA.

In 2009, Tato was devastated by former world heavyweight champion Lucas Browne in their Mixed Martial Arts bout.


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