Xiaomi mijia smart digital clock with temperature

Xiaomi Mijia smart digital clock is another of the very cheap, but at the same time feature-packed gadgets from Xiaomi. & we know where khổng lồ buy them best.

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Xiaomi Mijia smart digital clocks have several functions and it is not a normal clockwhich show the time. They can communicate with và set commands for multiple trang chủ smart devices.

The Banggood seller is currently offering them at a good price thanks khổng lồ the coupon, & they are also present Banggood Express duty free shipping, thanks khổng lồ which the package will arrive without the need khổng lồ pay customs duties or VAT.

The clock is sold in the Chinese version, which means that you will need to lớn select the Chinese Mainland region or use the customized version to connect lớn the Mi trang chủ application. Region-free application Mi home by Vevs.

Xiaomi Mijia smart digital clock

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They display time, measure heat and humidity

Xiaomi has several smart clocks or thermometers in its portfolio. But the manufacturer does not stop and represents Mijia smart digital clockwhich display in addition lớn the time temperature và humidity.

The data is offered to lớn the user in a friendly way E-ink display. The device is powered by two CR2032 batteries.

As it is a smart device, it is equipped with Bluetooth connectivity, through which it connects lớn the smartphone. Mijia smart digital clock can communicate with other smart devices from the Mi trang chủ platform.

After connecting to the air conditioner, they can send a command to the refrigeration unit lớn turn on when the room temperature exceeds 25 ° C. It can send similar commands khổng lồ the heater or humidifier.

It is also interesting that the clock also shows a kind of smiley face. This has two forms - sad expresses uncomfortable data of temperature and humidity, cheerful the opposite.

You will always know that either the temperature or the humidity needs to lớn be improved. The measurement of these two quantities is taken care of by a highly accurate one swiss sensirion chip.

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27. October 2021
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