Most people say that men are getting better with age. I do agree with that statement. Since, the older the age the better treatment should have. We have to be very good at presenting ourselves from up to bottom. Some people say that hair is the crown of women, e can say so that to men as well. Thus, we have to style hair for men up to 40 to have a stand-up look. Here is the Cool Edgy Haircut Ideas For Men Over 40 To Have A Stand Up Look.

A sweater will match and goes with every outfit in your wardrobe. You can try to combine your sweater with leather jeans or short pants for sexy look. Or you can wear sweater with skinny jeans and sneakers for casual look. Other than that you also need to try different type of sweater. For example you can try cropped sweater to make you look sexy and hot. Or you can also try to wear oversized sweater to look cute.

Have you ready to look awesome on Valentine’s day? You need to prepare the most appropriate clothes to wear for a romantic date night or hang out with your friends. Make sure that you mix and match your clothes perfectly before going out. Here we have gorgeous tops to wear for Valentine’s day. Scroll down!

Not only giving you a warm and cozy feeling, sweater can also give you a stylish look. The question is, how do you wear them? There are lot of ways to wear sweater. First is you need to know to where you want to go with sweater. If you want to hang out with your friends then you can simply combine sweater with chino or skinny jeans with sneakers to look casual and stylish.

On winter or fall, bring your chain bag anywhere. Bag’s shape will give big impact to your appearance. Don’t you believe it? Though bag stands alone as a great fashion elements, but pair them with your outfit will spruce up your look. Chain bag is the most common bag for going outside since it simple but stylish. Check out these ideas below;

There are lot of type for Vest outfit, you can try to choose knee length vest, fitted vest or waist length vest. It’s all depend on your taste and events, for example you can use knee length vest for relaxed and cozy look. Or if you want to look casual you can try to choose fitted vest.

Next you need to choose the material of the Vest, there many type of fabric you can choose. But this time we will discuss about tweed fabric for your vest. And here 12 Best Tweed Vest Outfit for your gorgeous look.

You can get many outfit combination by using cardigans. Not only using cardigan will make you look casual, but it also will make you look chic and stylish. Today we are going to give you some inspiration with cardigans for your additional outfit collection.

First you need to choose the length of your cardigans you can either choose knee length, short or maxi length cardigan. After that you need to try with blouses, jeans, trousers and other outfit that you have on your collection. To enlighten you more here are 15 Hooded Cardigan Outfit Combination that will inspire you.