Of course, should one search for salt in perfume, one can do no better than to explore the whole Hermès collection" /> Of course, should one search for salt in perfume, one can do no better than to explore the whole Hermès collection" />


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Of course, should one tìm kiếm for salt in perfume, one can vì chưng no better than lớn explore the whole Hermès collection. Eau des Merveilles is one of the best salted ambers. Un Jardin sur le Nil salts green mangoes. Voyage d’Hermès starts pickling bergamot & leaves a salt trail well into its drydown. Hermès Un Jardin sur la Lagune is very much in the same tradition. It’s a cologne based on citrusy flowers và finished with a briny accord. The place is Venice, the flowers are magnolia and Madonna lilies, the effect is salt và sunlight.

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Unlike traditional colognes, however, Un Jardin sur la Lagune has a soft citrus note, and so the first impression is of orange blossoms (dark indoles includes) and green leaves. It reminds me of café blanc, a Lebanese drink of water mixed with orange flower distillate. While the floral accord in the composition has the spice of lilies & the lemony verve of magnolia, for me, the orange blossom impression is pronounced.

Later as the orange blossom melds into magnolia, the salty, briny notes appear. Some of you will say that it smells of melon, and those of you who will observe a similarity to lớn L’Eau d’Issey will be likewise spot on. The marine notes in Un Jardin sur la Lagune are subtle enough, however, and they only serve to highlight the softness of petals & the delicacy of the composition.

With time, the flowers wear out và so does the sweetness. The salty impression lingers, along with the green wood shavings và musk. The finish is less thrilling than the opening, but it doesn’t distract from the overall appeal of the perfume. Simple, elegant, easy to wear. Yet, I’ll be frank–it may not be a good choice for those of you who dislike marine notes. Or who, unlike me, don’t have a soft spot for L’Eau d’Issey.

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I also predict that it will appeal more lớn men than women, since the drydown veers towards the fresh “sports cologne.”

Hermès un Jardin sur la Lagune includes notes of magnolia, lily, samphire, và woods. Suitable for both men và women. As for sillage, it’s excellent, although because the character of the composition is delicate, its presence won’t overwhelm. The lasting nguồn is likewise very good for a cologne, around 5-6 hours.