White Jeans With Bottom Is Torn

24 Affordable White Jeans for Spring And Summer Outfits

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White is a neutral color that is timeless, elegant, and glamorous. You can easily combine white with other color, whether soft or bold colors. If white is applied for your outfits, it will make the impression of fashionable and flexible as you are possible to mix and match it with any colors you like. White jeans, for example, are the one which offer you both simply casual and formal.

White jeans are friendly for any season, especially for summer and spring. In summer, you might look for light outfits which bring you comfortable feeling while the weather is hot. On the other hands, in spring you can wear white jeans as your favorite outfits as well. Your white jeans will be well mixed with your tops, like blouse, cardigans, T-shirt, etc. So, get inspired by the following ideas of white jeans combination for your summer and spring this year.

Pink V Neck Blouse And White Jeans
Utility Jacket And White Jeans
White Jeans And Black Ruffle Shoulder Top
White Jeans With Bottom Is Torn
White Jeans With White Shoes

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All In White Cutbray Jeans And T Shirt
Big Size White Jeans For Women
White Blouse And Cutbray White Jeans With The Bottom Is Torn
White High Waisted With The Bottom Has Splits
White Jeans And Long Knit Shirt
White Jeans And Velvet Overcoat
White Jeans With Unique Motif Long Blue Sky Shirt

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Casual Look With White Jeans And Leather Jacket
Combination White Color With White Jeans And High Heel
White Jeans And Leather Jacket
White Jeans And Suit
White Jeans And Thin Long Sleeve Shirt
White Jeans With Top T Shirt And Brown Jacket
White Jeans With T Shirt And Scarf
White Jeans With Unique Motif Outer
White Ripped Jeans With Long Striped Shirt And Pink High Heels
White Ripped Jeans With Long Striped Shirt
White Ripped Jeans With Style Of Folded Bottom
White T Shirt And Jeans With Red Scarf

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Your body shape is not a big deal to wear white jeans, whether you have oversized or slim body, white skinny jeans can be your best outfits in summer and spring. The simplest way to mix white jeans is by picking your T-shirt, both long-sleeved or sleeveless ones are good. To look casual in a day out, choose a brighter T-shirt with fancy color like pink, blue, or yellow to express the joy of summer. Slip on, sneakers, or sandals are the footwear that complete your summer style. If you want to look more stylish for a special event, you can wear your white jeans and T-shirt then take your pair of high heels or wedges. Don’t forget to bring your hand bag and sun glasses.

Since spring brings the soul of renewal, it is the opportunity for you to express yourself and become a trendsetter who inspire everyone. Just be brave to play with bright and patterned top to balance your white jeans. Cutbray, skinny, or high-waisted white jeans are all the kinds that you can opt to make an awesome spring style. The common patterns tops found like stripes, plaid, or floral surely fit to your white jeans. A great combination of white jeans, a white T-shirt with colorful floral outer will make everyone pay attention for your simple look. Complete it with a pair of yellow chunky heels and a yellow sling bag to give cheerful impression for your perfect spring outfits idea. It is also possible for you to wear unique and colorful footwear, like a pair of leopard patterned high heels. Well, get more amazing ideas of white jeans for your best outfit in summer and spring from the gallery. Be fashionable, ladies!

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