Unbelievable!!! 5 Secrets for Choosing Hats as Your Daily Outfits

Unbelievable!!! 5 Secrets for Choosing Hats as Your Daily Outfits

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Hat is one of the necessary accessories to help you with your style. Not only it will protect your face from sun light, it also will help you to enhance your look. Take a look at boater hat for example, while it protect you, it also will make you look casual and cute. Or even cocktail hat that will make you look gorgeous and gives you a noble aura.

But you also need to understand a couple of secrets before you pick up your hat. Take a look at 5 Secrets for Choosing Hats that will make flabbergasted.


1 Fitting

This one is kind of obvious. But most people ignore the first rule and just pick whatever hat-size that suited their taste. When choosing hats you need to look at their size and your head, try to choose not too tight and not too big.

2 Face Shape

The shape of your face is plays an important role in choosing hat. For example if you have a rectangular shape then the best hat you choose is tiny hat like boater hat. But if you have small face, try to use big hat to look out of place.


3 Style

Matching the style of your outfit and the hat that you choose is also important. For example when you want to use jeans and t-shirts, you can choose baseball cap. Or if you’re going to use skirt then try to use cocktail hat, it will further enhance your look.

4 Events

Where are you going to? You need to choose type of hat based on the events that you’re going to attend to. For example if you’re going to beach then you can choose wide brimmed hat to protect your face from sun-light.


5 Colors

Well for this rules it’s not about matching the color of your outfits with the color of your hat because it is never going to work. Instead of matching the color of your hat with outfit it is better to matching the color of your hat with your skin tone’s color.

These are all 5 Secret in choosing hat for your daily outfit. If you have your own rules, tell us in comment below.

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