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The Fault In Our Stars

A striking black edition of the multi-million #1 bestseller, now a major motion picture starring Shailene Woodley & Ansel Elgort.

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“I fell in love the way you fall asleep: slowly, then all at once.”

Despite the tumor-shrinking medical miracle that has bought her a few years, Hazel has never been anything but terminal, her final chapter inscribed upon diagnosis. But when a gorgeous plot twist named Augustus Waters suddenly appears at Cancer Kid tư vấn Group, Hazel’s story is about lớn be completely rewritten.

Insightful, bold, irreverent, và raw, The Fault in Our Stars is award-winning author John Green’s most ambitious và heartbreaking work yet, brilliantly exploring the funny, thrilling, và tragic business of being alive và in love.


The Fault In Our Stars


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Tên sách: The Fault In Our StarsCông ty xây dừng Penguin Random HouseTác giả: John GreenNhà xuất bản: Penguin Random House USISBN-13 9780141364247Kích thước: 198 x 129 x 21 mmLoại bìa: Paperback

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1 I actually just pointing out. How since they are in love, its ok to lớn have safe sex before marriage? looking for books for daughter và this isnt obviously the one. Wish authors could make ya/teen books without sex.

2 This book is so, so heartwarming. There is swearing & underage drinking (they DON’t get drunk) but surprisingly for John Green (the author) it does not go any further. Well okay, they bởi have sex, but only the kissing is described and the chapter ends quickly. However Gus does get a lưu ý from Hazel about him not being a virgin anymore, which is the only thing about sex. The message is so touching và everyone who reads this is guaranteed to cry. John Green is one of my favourite authors because he connects his books khổng lồ another literary aspect và he ALWAYS includes a life lesson or food-for-thought material. The things Hazel và Gus realize by the end is a true to lớn reality idea of death và love. I recommend for older teens and adults too!

3 Excellent, và here’s why: when you read books about cancer, & especially about kids with cancer, they tend khổng lồ be overly saccharine & preachy. This one isn’t. It’s a true (though not factual) tale of what it means to lớn fall in love & become fully alive even as your life is slipping away in the most brutal way.John Green has intelligent vocabulary, well-written characters, và doesn’t sugar coat the reality of living while dying. He perfectly captures the teenage angst and thoughtfulness that comes with facing your own death. You know how teenagers get very philosophical và “misunderstood” sometimes? That’s in here, but it’s for once not annoying, or pretentious. Hazel và Gus actually THINK, they truly FEEL, & even when their thoughts & ideas are diminished by the adults around them they still keep thinking và exploring. Their youth & idealism are counterbalanced by their maturity và cynicism. Nothing in life is cut-and-dried, or black-and-white, và The Fault in Our Stars gets at that concept.This is fresh and honest, và far better than most silly teen literature available today.

4 The fault in our stars is a romantic/emotional book so if your planning lớn read it to lớn your family I say you choose another book.

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5 This is a beautiful book about Hazel Grace learning she can be social, instead of letting cancer just take over her life. The book does use a LOT of language, mostly shit, ass, và bitch, but most kids are mature enough, và have heard these words hundreds of times by middle school. They vày use the word fuck, but only once, while the main character’s boyfriend is complaining about having cancer. This book does have a brief sexual scene, but there was little detail about what they were doing. I don’t want lớn spoil anything, but as Hazel và her boyfriend get back from the “trip”, tragedy strikes. The two main characters bởi drink some champagne, but only a little. There was basically no consumerism, & there was no major violence. I hope you decide to lớn read this book, because you won’t be sorry!

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Hazel knows she is dying of cancer, and even when she makes an instant connection with survivor Augustus Waters at a youth tư vấn group, she is determined not to lớn start a romance with him (“I’m a grenade & at some point I’m going khổng lồ blow up và I would lượt thích to minimize the casualties, okay?”). Even so, when he uses his Wish to lớn take her khổng lồ Amsterdam to meet a reclusive tác giả she loves, it is impossible to deny that he loves her — & she loves him. Và though she soon learns that Gus has a painful secret, Hazel learns that loving others is worth it, even when it leaves a “scar.”


Be prepared: This is a tearjerker dealing with dying — and surviving the death of a loved one. Parents who read this book along with their teens will be particularly moved by Hazel’s parents, who soothe her anxiety by telling her about their plans for after she has died (“Even when you die, I will still be your mom, Hazel … how could I stop loving you?”). Green wrote this book after making a friendship with a teen with cancer, và his attention lớn detail is remarkable, from descriptions of equipment khổng lồ what it feels like to be stared at by well-meaning strangers. Readers may be perplexed about an alcoholic author who begins making appearances in Hazel’s life, và may be unsure if he is really there or just a symbol. This decision seems a bit out of step with what is otherwise a realistic and emotionally harrowing book about love và loss. But Hazel’s honest narration và her strength khổng lồ love despite the consequences will capture teens’ attention most. In the end, this is a painful book, but well worth it.


Families can talk about what it would be like to know you are dying. Would you vì anything differently? Why does Hazel say she feels lượt thích a “grenade” & tell her parents she wants khổng lồ “minimize the casualties” by staying away from people?

Also, the author’s other books, such as Looking for Alaska, are often called edgy. What makes a book “Young Adult,” & when does it crossover into being an adult story? Does it have to bởi mostly with the age of the narrator, or something else?

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