Intel core2 duo e7400

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With the Wolfdale core, hãng intel pours more power nguồn into a core 2 Duo package. The 45nm process allowed hãng sản xuất intel to reduce the nguồn needed down to 65W. Lower power nguồn means lower CPU heat, which translates to lớn lower system heat and longer system life. They also packed more features into the chip.
L2 cache has been bumped to lớn 3MB & the Front Side Bus has been pushed to 1066MHz. You can now use both DDR2 & the hot new DDR3 memory for extreme performance. They also boosted memory access & execution speed with the Wide Dynamic Execution và Smart Memory Access. These combine lớn let the processor compute more instructions with more data per clock cycle. You"d better watch out; your enemies will be shooting back faster now.
The Advanced Digital truyền thông Boost feature has been enhanced with the addition of the SSE4 instruction set & Intel HD Boost. This will give your entertainment experience a boost with better audio and video clip processing. It will also help with speech recognition, engineering và scientific applications. Perhaps most important of all will be the boost khổng lồ security with increased encryption power & speed.
Specialized Dual-core MicroarchitectureThe Intel vi xử lý core 2 Duo processor includes dual execution cores in a single processor khổng lồ enable execution of parallel threads or applications on separate cores, resulting in revolutionary dual-core performance, breakthrough processor energy efficiency and exceptional system response when running multi-threaded or multiple demanding applications simultaneously. The innovative 45nm dual-core technology optimizes thermal performance for reduced power consumption & noise.Intel Advanced Smart CacheIntel Advanced Smart Cache technology dynamically allocates the shared L2 cache lớn each processor chip core based on workload. This efficient, multi-core-optimized implementation increases the probability that each chip core can access data from fast L2 cache, resulting in significantly reduced latency for frequently used data and improved performance.Intel Extended Memory 64 công nghệ (Intel EM64T)Intel EM64T provides an enhancement to hãng intel 32-bit architecture by enabling the mobile processor platform khổng lồ access larger amounts of memory. With appropriate 64-bit supporting hardware & software, platforms based on an hãng intel processor supporting hãng sản xuất intel EM64T can enable use of extended virtual and physical memory.Enhanced intel SpeedStep giải pháp công nghệ (EIST)EIST allows the system lớn dynamically adjust processor voltage and core frequency to decrease average power consumption & average heat production. Combined with existing nguồn saving features, EIST may provide an excellent balance between providing power nguồn when you need it và conserving power when you don’t.Execute Disable Bit (EDB)Intel's Execute Disable Bit function can prevent certain classes of malicious "buffer overflow" attacks when combined with a supporting operating system. Execute Disable Bit allows the processor lớn classify areas in memory where application code can execute & where it cannot. When a malicious worm attempts lớn insert code in the buffer, the processor disables code execution, preventing damage or worm propagation.

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ModelBrand Series Name Model
Core 2 Duo
Core 2 Duo E7400
DetailsCPU Socket Type Core Name # of Cores Operating Frequency FSB L2 Cache Manufacturing Tech 64-Bit support Hyper-Threading support Virtualization Technology support Voltage Thermal Design power Cooling Device
LGA 775
2.8 GHz
1066 MHz
0.85V – 1.3625V
Heatsink and fan included
Additional InformationDate First Available
June 07, 2022

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